Go Easy On Mother’s Day

Mother's DayWhat a special day Mother’s Day is, right?  And, let’s not kid ourselves.  It is irrevelevant who one’s mother is, every mother wants a fuss made over her on Mother’s Day.  Sometimes the pressure of making said fuss can be challenging.  What to do to let your mother know just how special she is to you?  Some people are more creative than others.  Some go a little overboard in their enthusiasm.  So, here is a friendly guide as to how extreme one should go when celebrating their mother on her special day.  There is a fine line between wow and uh-oh.  Here is an example:

Fran wanted to give her mother, Theresa, a new and exciting experience.  She booked a reservation at a fancy French restaurant that just opened in her neighborhood.  It was tough to get a reservation, but she managed to get one and wisked her mother there on her special day.  Fran suggested that Theresa order a meal that consisted of new things she had never tried before.  When the meal came, she was pleased to see how much her mother enjoyed all the new flavors and spices that she had never experienced eating.  During dessert, Theresa began to feel strange.  By the time the coffee arrived, Theresa’s face hadMother's Day begun to swell up.  In a few minutes, her face grew even larger, resembling a balloon in the Macy Parade.  Something like this:

Fran rushed Theresa to the hospital.  They gave her shots and told her to wait on the bed.  Theresa turned to see a small child staring at her.  The child freaked out and ran into the hall, tripping a nurse, who bumped into a cart.  The cart rolled into a patient in a wheel chair with an ankle injury.  The patient fell out of the wheel chair, breaking her collar bone. A nurse that had attempted to catch the falling patient missed and slid into a patient’s room while the patient was closing the door.  It slammed into the nursed head, and she passed out.  Moral of story:  French food is dangerous.

Here is another story with a happier twist:

Simon decided to give his mother a makeover for Mother’s Day.  He sent her to a swanky salon and told them to do the works.  Estelle, his mother, was pleased with her makeover.  She thought she looked like a young Ethel Merman.  Simon was very nearsighted, and when arriving to pick up his mother who was in front of the salon, he didn’t recognize her.  He drove around the block over and over again.  He began to panick.  He dialed the police.  The police came with their light’s flashing and pulled up in front of the salon.  Estelle crossed the street to get out of the way of all the cars and ended up in a line waiting to board a bus to Las Vegas.  On the bus, she met Herman.  Herman took one look at Estelle and thought she looked like a Vegas showgirl.  They really hit it off, and by the time they reached Las Vegas, they were in love.  They got married in a small chapel that night.  Herman owned a restaurant off the strip called “The Winning Hand.”  Estelle became the hostess, and on occasion, even sang a few songs there.  Unfortunately, she may have looked like Ethel Merman, but she didn’t sound like her.  So it was not very often that she sang anything.  Estelle and Herman are still happily married, and Estelle says that that was the best Mother’s Day she ever had.

Moral of story:  Never hesitate to board a bus to Las Vegas.

(You know who always has been thoughtful to his mother?  That awesome guy, Thor.  Even as a kid he always made his mother a great card with his brother.)

Handmade Mother's Day Card

Awesome Thor and Loki’s Mother’s Day Card

So, what have we learned from all of this?  We have learned that it is, indeed, the thought that counts.  All your mother really wants is for you to let her know that you appreciate her.  Stay away from potential disasters that might occur while telling her this.  Stuff like eyebrow weaving, abrasive facials, skiing trips, unusual pets, or water slides.  And don’t like hire out the Mummers to play on her street.  Stick to simple things like jewelry, flowers, or maybe a lap dance. Things that make her happy.  Like, maybe a gift card from our store.

And speaking of our store, boy, did we have fun last weekend with Lisa, from Manos del Uruguay (Fairmount Fibers), who taught us how to brioche!  We all had a great time, and hope that Lisa, who is an awesome teacher, will come back soon to teach us something else.

The new Shibui linen is on it’s way, along with great new patterns.  New Appalachian Baby kits have arrived as well.  Organic cotton is the way to go for a great baby blanket for all seasons.  More Madeline Tosh is coming, and we just ordered more Cocoknits Books that sold out.  (Just finished a sweater from this book, and it is fabulous.)  More stuff is coming everyday.  We can put something great together for your mother.  Just think how great it will feel to know that she will love it and that it is a very safe choice. ( Plus, if she is feeling daring, she can knit on the bus to Vegas).

In honor of this special day, we will be closed on Sunday, Mother’s Day.

So, enjoy your mother on Mother’s Day.  And stick to simple foods.

Mother's Day Dinner

See you soon!
Diane and Christin

Epic Cake Failures

cake fail
Who doesn’t love a cake?  Not only are cakes delicious, but they convey the many expressions of humanity in a succinct, confectionary message.  Typically we find messages of joy, love, and well wishes.  But, while exploring the delightful world of cakes, we discovered that there was a whole other world that existed.  Who knew just how many different sentiments could be conveyed on a cake?  Here are just some of the many examples that we found (yikes):

Cake fail

cake fails


cake fail

Sometimes, we are in such a hurry to convey a heartfelt message that we are a little hasty with our execution.  We don’t always get it completely right.  What can we say?  It doesn’t get much better than this:

cake failscake fails

We didn’t feel that any of these required further explanation.  And, besides, we wanted to get in some stuff about knitting.  So, first let us tell you about a great event that will be held on Sunday, April 30th, between 12:00 and 3:00.  Lisa Myers, owner of Fairmount Fibers (Manos Del Uruguay), will be teaching a brioche class.  We will be doing the Churros pattern:

Churros pattern

Please register in advance for this class.  Bring a size six, 24″ or 32″ circular needle, (if you don’t have one, we can provide it).  We will be using two different colorways of Fino of Manos Del Uruguay.  We will have a selection of this yarn from which to choose.  The cost of the class is $30.00.  You can register on line for this class at this link: http://www.knittingtoknowewe.com/classes-and-events/, stop by our store or call at 215.598.9276.  It should be great fun to make this beautiful scarf.

We have nearly sold out of the new Cocoknits book, but more are on the way.  We are all doing projects from it, and it is awesome.  Come in and check it out, along with choosing a great yarn to use.  We have just gotten in more Madeline Tosh, Shibui (And more Shibui should be in any minute.  New Shibui Linen! Yay!), and beautiful Anzula.  Lots of great new things.

Our store will be closed on Easter Sunday, but open on Saturday (in case you aren’t hiding eggs that day or baking a cake.  If you are baking a cake, Easter is spelled E-A-S-T-E-R.  Just keepin’ it real.)

So, have a great holiday, and just remember that a cake is always a nice thing.  Even if there is a surprise in it or on it.



See you soon!

Diane and Christin

Project Of The Month

Knitting Project of the Month
Aalto Poncho Pattern

Turn heads with Aalto. Bold geometry contrasts with a graceful bateau neckline for the perfect easy-to-wear summer coverup.

Skill Level


  • Shibu Knits Twig
    • 46% linen, 42% recycled silk, 12% wool
    • 190 yds/50g
    • 7 (7,8) skeins


22 sts & 28 rows = 4″ in St st after blocking, with 1 strand of Twig, on size 6 needles or size needed to obtain gauge


Size 6 (4mm) needles

The Interworkings Of Your Pet’s Mind


Pets are a wonder, aren’t they?  They keep us pretty busy with their crazy antics and make us smile when they are so darn cute.  We have a tendency to think they are simple minded, obsessing on ball throwing and treats.  But, we have considered that, perhaps, they are smarter than we believe.  We will examine here the possibility of what is really going on in the world of pets, and what they think of us.  Here are some items that pets have shared with us that they want you to know:

1.  Diversion Technique:  We use affection, such as licking, jumping, and rubbing against your ankles to move you away from a specific area where we have stashed items that we do not wish you to find.  If we are guiding you away from the sofa, for example, it is because we have something on the order of a stolen turkey leg stashed there.

2.  We always note when you change your appearance in some way.  Like a new hair cut.  You left with longer hair, and come back with shorter hair.  If we like the new hair, we will lick you or rub against your ankle.  That is our way of saying that this is a good look for you.  If we bark at you, it’s our way of saying that we can’t believe you did that to your head.  Cats generally run and hide so they can laugh at your new look in secret.

3.  We like to keep you entertained by doing inanely stupid things.  We will turn upside down, and look up at you, or jump in a box, or pop up out of a pile of towels, and you think these things are marvelous.  You take pictures and videos of us doing these things, and post them on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. We are highly entertained by these activities. You have no idea that, collectively, we are doing research on how to take over the planet while you are asleep at night. (This is the real reason why cats, expecially, are nocturnal creatures.)

4.  An interesting scientific fact:  When we vomit under the coffee table, and it is 10:00 a.m. on your watch, it is also 10:00 a.m. to us.  We vomit in real time.  We don’t have our own time reality.  Just thought you would want to know that.

5. We utilize a variety of techniques to acquire extra food from you.  We wine, stand in front of where the food is stored and stare intently, look from you to the food storage area, and back at you to make this point, rummage through pantries or cabinets, making a mess, so that you take over and hand us the food, or lay down next to our food dish and look dissapated and sad.  All of the above techniques work successfully in a consistent manner.  And we are in awe that they do.  We, again, find this highly entertaining.  We love the simplicity of your human minds.  You are adorable.

6.  We are aware that you study us to learn our patterns of behavior.  We also do this with you.  For example, we know that a good percentage of you will either skim, or not read at all, the end of this Newesletter.  We have alerted the author of this, and advised her to send a separate email when announcing an up coming event.  We hope that our advice will be taken into concideration.

(Do you know what that awesome guy Thor’s dog, Odin, thinks of him?  Odin thinks that Thor is as awesome as he is.)
In the hope that you are still reading this, we are going to let you know in this Newesletter about two upcoming events.  The first is a reminder that our One Year Anniversary Party is this Sunday, February 26th, from 11:30 to 4:00.  We will have refreshments, and everything in our store is 10% off!  Come in and celebrate with us.  We love our new location, and would love to see you there.

We are also going to have a great event with Manos del Uruguay, the following Sunday, March 5, from 12:00 to 4:00.  Lisa, from Manos del Uruguay, will tell you all about how and where this beautiful yarn is made.  You will have a chance to see great projects made with this yarn, and ask her about the amazing group of women who make this yarn in Uruguay.  We have had one of her trunkshows in the past, and it was great.  Admission is free, so come and have a great afternoon with us.

We are starting our first project of the month.  We picked a timely one.  We will send a separate email with all of the details, but here is Christin, below, wearing it:

We have also gotten in some beautiful new kits from Loopy Mango!  Here are just some of the great (and easy) projects you can make:

Knitting to Know EweKnitting to Know Ewe
Knitting to Know EwePetBlog_4Knitting to Know EweKnitting to Know Ewe







So, that’s all we are going to include in this Newesletter.  Thanks to our friends in the animal world, we know when to sign off.  

See you soon!


Future Planetary Ruler

Diane and Christin


If You Are One, Just Own It

In light of the upcoming Valentine’s Day, we thought we would focus on the people who truly embrace this day out of the year.  If you are, indeed, a Valentine’s Day fan, we salute you.  You most likely are what we, with great affection, refer to as a Softee. Let’s take a little quiz to access whether you are one of these alleged Softee people.  Here is the quiz:

1.  Do you secretly have an extensive collection of romance novels with muscled torsos on the cover?

2.  Does your heart race (just a little) when you hear a love song from your past on the radio?

3.  Do you watch old movies with Cary Grant or Clarke Gable in them? (And let’s not forget Steve McQueen.)

4.  Do you tear up watching sappy commercials on TV?

5.  Do you defend Twilight as a quality film?

We could go on here, but we believe the point has been made.  If you answered “yes” to all or most of the above questions, you are a Softee.  And, what’s wrong with that? We say, nothing at all.  But, we realize, it sometimes isn’t so cool to be a Softee. In this cold, cynical world, it is easy to be scoffed at if you feel the need to drop to your knees upon encountering a puppy or see baby ducks at the park.  There can actually be eye rolling  or even gagging, when you show this side of yourself to others.  But, who cares?  You are a dreamer.  A visionary in a cold, hard, jaded world. We are with you. It’s a tough battle when you are dealing with people who think “pay it forward” means making a payment on their visa card.

In light of this comparison we are making, let us explore when Valentine’s Day is expressed by some of these cynics.  Here are a few examples of when Valentine’s Day can go horribly wrong:


We believe our point has been made.  Left to their own devices, the Non-Softees just make a muck of things.  So keep your chin up.  Know that you are making the world better by believing that vampires sparkle in the sunlight.

(Do you know who is a bit of a Softee as well? That awesome guy, Thor.  He is a sucker for Valentine’s Day.)

Awesome Thor Valentine

Awesome Thor Valentine

Wool Valentine

Why, lookey here.  We’ve got ourselves a Valentine for knitters!  So, let’s talk about knitting.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we thought we would do something special.  So, on that day, Tuesday, February 14th, everything red is 10% off in the store.  There you go, Softees.

We just got back from our TNNA Convention, and are really psyched about what we saw and purchased there.  Some amazing things are going to arrive in our store in the next few months.  New Loopy Mango kits, Anzula, Manos del Uruguay, Knit Collage, and more.  Plus, a new book by Cocoknits!  This is not just any book.  This book will change the way we knit projects.  It incorporates notions that work with the projects, and will allow the knitter to make a project with any yarn they wish.  The patterns are amazing, and are beautifully easy to make.  This book is set to be released at the end of this month.  We are really jazzed about it, and think you will be too.

Guess what?  It is our one year anniversary in our new store!  We are having a little party in honor of the occasion on Sunday, February 26th, from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (The whole day, basically.)  There will be refreshments, and EVERYTHING IN THE STORE WILL BE 10% OFF! ( Look at it as an extended Valentine’s Day Softee Bonus.)  So, come in and celebrate our being in Newtown for a whole year now.  We love being there, and love to see you when you come and visit us. ( And, just sayin’, we happen to know this as fact, that Softees love a good gift card from our store or one for our website.  We make them all pretty.  We are all about presentation. Think Valentine Super Gift.)

Our store will be closed from Sunday, February 19th, and will reopen Thursday, February 23rd.

Stop by this magical month, and see the new things coming in.  Just know we are here to help you put a project together (a great one), or help you with an exisiting one (Also, we like walks on the beach, writing poetry, finding ourselves, and braiding each other’s hair, and we are just messing with you now.)

But, we are Softees too.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

See you soon!

Diane and Christin




Who Thought This Was A Good Idea?

ktke_january1A brand new year is upon us!  A blank slate.  A fresh start.  How great is that?  We start the celebration with a toast.  We wish all good things for everyone.  It’s all good.  Then, we yank out that timely tradition and set ourselves up for the next 365 days.  What are we talking about?  Why, none other than the New Year’s Resolution.  From an early age, we have learned that, by proclaiming to correct our many flaws and weaknesses at the beginning of every year, we are on the road to becoming a new, improved version of ourselves.  But, is this really the best idea?  Maybe this requires some rethinking.  This might be an okay thing if we didn’t choose the things we have the hardest time not doing.  Here is a case in point:

Your New Year’s Resolution is to be more thrifty this year.  You could certainly stand to tighten the old belt, right?  No problem. You can do this.  Piece of cake.  There you are, walking in the mall a week later, past one of your favorite shoe stores.  No harm in looking in the window.  You’re certainly not planning on going in.  What is that you see?  Jimmy Choo heels 20% off!  What??? They are really great…but, nope, not gonna bite on that.  You would be pretty happy in those shoes, though.  You would do a happy dance (and you’d look great doing that dance in those shoes…)  Be strong.  You turn to walk away, and what is this, now?  What is this lady who came up to the window looking at?  Your shoes!  She definitely is looking at them.  Looks like she could very well be the same size as you.  What if there is only one pair left?  Is she going to take them?  Hmmm…She reminds you of someone.  Oh yeah, your second cousin, Theresa.  You never liked her.  She was always trying to one up everyone. And she never liked animals.  There is something wrong with a person who doesn’t like animals.  What’s wrong with a little squirrel or a bunny?  Or, how about a lemur?  Who couldn’t like a lemur?  There was always something definitely wrong with Theresa.  Bet this lady doesn’t like animals either.  Why would you let her take the last pair of Jimmy Choo heels and be happy?  She doesn’t deserve them.  She’s a hater.  Plus, you would look so much better than she would in those shoes. She doesn’t have the right vibe to wear those shoes, and you don’t like her personal ethics.  They’re really not right for her.  Why, you would be doing her a favor by taking them.  Better go in and grab them.  You’re welcome, you souless Theresa wannabe.

See what happened there?  You can’t even feel completely good about your awesome purchase because you now feel like you have let yourself and the world down.  It’s sad, really.  But, you wouldn’t have felt bad at all had you not made the resolution in the first place.  Without painting yet more scenarios, let’s just list the topics that should be avoided as New Year’s Resolutions.  The big ones are:  Food, Work, Money, Exercise, and Behavior (Like saying you will be nicer to your next door neighbor, and then you see her standing on your front lawn with her Schnauzer, Theodore, letting him poop all over your  flowerbed.  In no time, you will be at her front door with a handful of zip lock bags and a death stare.  No one could blame you for not backing this resolution up.)

If you still want to keep this tradition going, we have a few suggestions.  The rule of thumb is to set the bar low.  How about, “This year, I plan to always carry an umbrella with me if it looks overcast.”  Or you could resolve to floss everyday, or water your plants more regularly.  See where we are going with this?  This way, you have an opportunity to feel successful, and improved.  The old way only makes you feel bad about yourself, and a pervasive sadness takes over, and you are hurled into the Great Abyss of Failure. Not a very happy new year in store for you now, is there?

New Year Dog Of Sadness

New Year Dog Of Sadness

(You know who never sets himself up for a New Year’s Resolution failure?  That awesome guy, Thor.  Of course, he doesn’t have any issues to resolve.  He is that awesome.)

Awesome Thor with no issues to resolve

Awesome Thor with no issues to resolve

Another reason to be happy you didn’t do the spending resolution is because we are having a Big Habu Sale Event!  That’s right.  From now to January 20th, Everything Habu is 30% off! Come in and load up on all the Habu you have always wanted.  It’s beautiful stuff.  (Don’t let that Theresa impersonator beat you out.)

Our store will be closed from Friday, January 20th, and reopening on Wednesday, February lst. 

(We will be at the TNNA Convention, buying more ridiculously great stuff.)

We also should mention that we just got a truck load of Madeline Tosh in DK, Lite, ASAP, Silk, and Pashmina.  Lookey here:  

This even isn't all of it.  We had to use an additional wall.  We're talking a lot of Tosh here.

This even isn’t all of it. We had to use an additional wall. We’re talking a lot of Tosh here.

This even isn’t all of it.  We had to use an additional wall.  We’re talking a lot of Tosh here.

So, to summarize, don’t make any big declarations this year, unless they are to seek out ways to be happy and appreciative of the superb individual that you already are.

Well, you can make just one.  How about planning to come and see us soon?

Happy New Year!

Diane and Christin

What?  Theresa doesn't like me?

What? Theresa doesn’t like me?

Yep. It’s this Saturday.

For those who have perfected the art of procrastination, we say, “Good for you!”  You have worked hard to achieve a goal for yourself.  Nothing wrong with that.  We know what it takes to be an ace procrastinator.  It takes a distorted perception of time and a whole lot of denial.  

Well, not to worry.  Just for you we not only will be open regular hours this week, but will be open from 10:00 to noon on Christmas Eve (It is this Saturday, if you haven’t been paying attention.) 

We will be here helping you to slide right under the wire without anyone ever knowing that you waited until the absolute last second to get your presents.  No one has to know.  It will look like you planned this holiday gift giving bonanza months ago.  We will gift wrap whatever you purchase. (We do an awesome job with gift cards as well.)  They’ll never know that you came in minutes before we closed on Saturday. 

(Do you know who never procrastinates?  That awesome guy, Thor.  He gets all of his presents way before the holidays.  He is that awesome.)


We will also be open from 10:00 to 2:00 on New Year’s Eve for those who entirely miss the mark.  

Also, keep an eye open for our next Newesletter.  It is going to have a pretty good surprise in it. ( Hint:  It rhymes with pale. Get it?) 

So you see, we’ve got your back.  If we don’t see you this week, have a great holiday and a happy new year!

Diane and Christin


A Truthy Thanksgiving


One of the major themes in the recent presidential election was honesty. In light of the emphasis placed on this issue, we got to thinking. Honesty should not only be a political theme. It should ingrain itself into one’s personal life as well. There is nothing wrong with living an honest, wholesome lifestyle. And what better time to start this new honesty thing, but on Thanksgiving Day? Let it be an opportunity for one to cleanse oneself of the lies and deception we have readily shared with our friends and relatives. What do we mean by this? We think you know. It’s the little things we have omitted in an effort to maintain harmony and peace with our loved ones. But, for one day out of the year, let’s try this honesty thing. Let’s come clean, and tell people what is honest and true. Here are some suggestions:

Let’s start with your Aunt Sally, who just celebrated her 93rd birthday. It is time to tell her that, yes, you did know that she was once a Rockette at Radio City Music Hall, and that, yes, she has told you more times than the number of Rockettes in existence that she once met Mickey Rooney. You do know that Mickey winked at her backstage, and that she has always been convinced that it was his way of saying she would have been a better Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz than Judy Garland. (Who needs a great singing voice when you have great legs?) It is not that you want Aunt Sally to let go of her best memories. It is simply time to tell her that, no, there isn’t a remaining person alive who hasn’t heard the Mickey Rooney Rockette Story. It is time she put this whole business to bed.

How about your cousin Bertha and her new grandchild? How proud she is! Look at the many pictures! Five months old already? How about that! Perhaps this would be the day to tell her how closely the baby resembles Gerald Ford. (It’s a girl).

How about your Uncle Stanley? Let’s face it. Anyone with two eyes can see that he is wearing a hair piece. How about suggesting that, instead of the glue he uses that makes his forehead look like he has simonized it, why not just use an elastic chin strap? Just as functional and a lot less messy. The cat is out of the bag on this one, Uncle Stanley. Make your life easier.

And your Aunt Irene? Every year she makes her famous pumpkin pie. How great that this tradition has been maintained! But, the truth is that Aunt Irene couldn’t make a decent pie with a gun to her head. She simply does not possess any baking skills whatsoever. Why not suggest a new tradition? How about a pumpkin cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory? Just tell her that cheesecake is the new black. It’s 2016. Think like a millennial.

And, lastly, you can’t leave out your Uncle Hank. Uncle Hank always shows up late. He never brings anything. He always monopolizes the candied yams. (He also gave you a set of steak knives as a wedding gift that he got from the bank for opening a new account.) It’s time to tell Uncle Hank to pass the potatoes. Others would like yams too.

As you can see, honesty doesn’t always work. Sure, you could tell all of your relatives what you really think this Thanksgiving. You could break all of their little hearts with your truthiness (Stephen Colbert invented this word.) But, what’s the point? Let’s face it. The truth can be tough to hear. And you are just not made that way. You can’t slaughter people in the name of honesty. You are one of the sweetest people on the planet. You’re like the good witch, Glinda.

Let Aunt Sally tell her Rockette Story. Your only real job here is to act surprised again. She is 93. Pour yourself a scotch and gasp when she gets to the winking part. Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney are both dead. She won.

Tell your cousin Bertha that you see her granddaughter in the political arena in the future. (After all, it doesn’t hurt to already resemble a past president.) Maybe she will be our first woman in the oval office.

Make a prime rib dinner for Uncle Hank. Those steak knives will come in handy. (You probably could ask him to bring a bottle of wine. Good luck with that.)

As for Uncle Stanley, there is only one thing to do for him. Knit him a great hat. Who knows? Maybe he will become a hat guy. No need for a toupee under a hat, right?

And speaking of knitting, we have the perfect hat for your Uncle Stanley. Loopy Mango has come out with a great hat kit. The merino is super soft, and the hat only takes a few hours to make (around three). Great for Uncle Stanley and it looks good on women too. Here it is below: This kit comes with the needles, the pattern and the yarn (and this cool box). The kit is priced at $39.00.


You are welcome, Uncle Stanley.

We are also getting an unspeakable amount of Madeline Tosh arriving next week. Just in time for the holidays. Could anything be better?
And, how about this for the knitters in your family? Give them one (or more) of the knitting products from Chica. How about a project bag that has the yarn in the bottom that feeds out the top, and holds your project as well? Or a case that holds needles and notions all in one? They all make great holiday gifts. ( No more zip lock bags for your loved one. Give her some dignity) We have them all ready to go.

We are bringing back our Web Only Sale of two great Schacht products for the holidays too! 10% off on the Schacht 18″ Cricket Loom, and their Ladybug Spinning Wheel. Order these in time for the holidays! You can order now on our website. Here is the link: http://www.knittingtoknowewe.com/weaving-and-spinning/

You might want to think about giving a gift card for a lesson this year. We offer lessons in knitting, crochet, and weaving. You can purchase a gift card from us for a lesson, and your loved one can choose instruction on just about anything he or she wishes to learn. Or give a gift card for anything at all in our store. We have a lot of stuff, and it is all pretty wonderful. And there is always more coming! And, doesn’t that make you just smile? ( We’re smiling pretty much all of the time just thinking about that. We just love seeing that UPS guy.)

Our store is closing early at 4:00 pm, on Tuesday, November 22. We will open the 23rd, closed for Thanksgiving Day, and then back open on the 25th. We will be open all weekend too. Yay!

So, have a great Thanksgiving. Smile and hug everyone a lot. There is nothing wrong with Glinda. And, remember. On this one particular day, alcohol is your friend. And that’s the truth.



See you soon!
Diane and Christin

A Halloween Life Lesson

It is time for Halloween again! Fun, right? Little kids wait for this holiday all year. They plan out their costumes, and get ready to trick or treat. They can’t wait to trade candy with their buddies. All good fun. But, we just wanted to put out a message that we just couldn’t not do this year. You notice that we mentioned little kids, right? Little is the key word here. So, we are addressing the other trick or treater; the kid way too old to still be trick or treating.

Maybe you were on the fence about going out this year door to door. But, you love to trick or treat. Maybe you can get one more Halloween under your belt. Let’s rethink this, shall we?

Who doesn’t like an adorable little kid, ringing the doorbell and waiting for his treat? All he or she wants is for you to make a big fuss over how great they look and hand them a Kit Kat bar. But, after a certain age, this scenario takes on a whole new reaction. Let’s face it. The older one gets, the odder it is to go door to door asking for handouts. Instead of handing you a candy bar, it wouldn’t be a stretch to have someone with a taser in one hand and a cell phone in the other ready to dial 911 when they see you coming. Don’t know if you are too old to trick or treat? No problem. We have provided a handy set of guidelines for you.

You are too old if:
  1. You had to shave this morning.
  2. You and your friends are driving to the desired trick or treat street.
  3. You are way taller than any height requirement for a ride at Universal Studios.
  4. You are a registered voter.Get it? It’s over.

But, don’t be so glum. Let your little brother have his glory, dressed as Harry Potter, collecting confections. You can do tons of things he can’t do. Don’t you remember how tough it was to be his age? And, it isn’t all rainbows anyway. He is about to experience the heartache that is candy corn. (It looks awesome, and you get all excited about eating it. Then you eat it and remember that it is awful, and you ask yourself why you never remember that this stuff is terrible.)

(You know who never trick or treated when he got too old to do it? That awesome guy, Thor. He even created a Pez dispenser to hand out to little kids.)
Awesome Thor Pez Dispenser

And, we might add, if you are looking at your little brother right now, sad that he can go out and trick or treat and you no longer can, we feel this is a great way for you to prepare for the future, when the list of things you loved and you can no longer do gets longer and longer. (This is called aging, and it really sucks.)

See? A life lesson.So, here are your choices. You can either go to a party with others your age dressed in costumes, or stay home and answer the door when the kids ring the bell for treats. If neither of these work for you, go upstairs, take off your Jack Sparrow costume, and do something grown up like watch CNN, preparing for the first time you will vote. And, yes, you can steal some of the candy. We’re not heartless here.

We know that all this doesn’t have a lot to do with knitting. We just had to put this out there. Besides, there are no Newesletter rules. This isn’t Russia, people. But, since we are a yarn store, let’s talk knitting.

A ton of stuff has arrived this month. New Madeline Tosh, new Shibui, new Loopy Mango, new Manos, new Anzula, actually, more than we can list right here. Come in and see and touch everything. We have great new patterns and ideas for making your next project.

We like to mention, from time to time, that we offer individual, one- on-one lessons for anything knitting, crocheting, felting, or weaving related. We are happy to accommodate your schedule and your needs. Just call, write, or stop buy to schedule a lesson. The lessons are $28.00 per hour. (And, don’t forget about our gift cards. You can purchase a lesson for someone anytime. Think holidays.) We also are always happy to help you if you are stuck with a project (we do not care if you purchased the yarn from us). We will help you for free and will make sure you are able to finish your project. We like happy, confident knitters. It’s what we are all about.

So, new stuff (And always more coming, yay!), great support, and a life lesson. No tricks. Just treats.

Happy Halloween!
See you soon!
Diane and Christin

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