Yep. It’s this Saturday.

For those who have perfected the art of procrastination, we say, “Good for you!”  You have worked hard to achieve a goal for yourself.  Nothing wrong with that.  We know what it takes to be an ace procrastinator.  It takes a distorted perception of time and a whole lot of denial.  

Well, not to worry.  Just for you we not only will be open regular hours this week, but will be open from 10:00 to noon on Christmas Eve (It is this Saturday, if you haven’t been paying attention.) 

We will be here helping you to slide right under the wire without anyone ever knowing that you waited until the absolute last second to get your presents.  No one has to know.  It will look like you planned this holiday gift giving bonanza months ago.  We will gift wrap whatever you purchase. (We do an awesome job with gift cards as well.)  They’ll never know that you came in minutes before we closed on Saturday. 

(Do you know who never procrastinates?  That awesome guy, Thor.  He gets all of his presents way before the holidays.  He is that awesome.)


We will also be open from 10:00 to 2:00 on New Year’s Eve for those who entirely miss the mark.  

Also, keep an eye open for our next Newesletter.  It is going to have a pretty good surprise in it. ( Hint:  It rhymes with pale. Get it?) 

So you see, we’ve got your back.  If we don’t see you this week, have a great holiday and a happy new year!

Diane and Christin