Who Thought This Was A Good Idea?

ktke_january1A brand new year is upon us!  A blank slate.  A fresh start.  How great is that?  We start the celebration with a toast.  We wish all good things for everyone.  It’s all good.  Then, we yank out that timely tradition and set ourselves up for the next 365 days.  What are we talking about?  Why, none other than the New Year’s Resolution.  From an early age, we have learned that, by proclaiming to correct our many flaws and weaknesses at the beginning of every year, we are on the road to becoming a new, improved version of ourselves.  But, is this really the best idea?  Maybe this requires some rethinking.  This might be an okay thing if we didn’t choose the things we have the hardest time not doing.  Here is a case in point:

Your New Year’s Resolution is to be more thrifty this year.  You could certainly stand to tighten the old belt, right?  No problem. You can do this.  Piece of cake.  There you are, walking in the mall a week later, past one of your favorite shoe stores.  No harm in looking in the window.  You’re certainly not planning on going in.  What is that you see?  Jimmy Choo heels 20% off!  What??? They are really great…but, nope, not gonna bite on that.  You would be pretty happy in those shoes, though.  You would do a happy dance (and you’d look great doing that dance in those shoes…)  Be strong.  You turn to walk away, and what is this, now?  What is this lady who came up to the window looking at?  Your shoes!  She definitely is looking at them.  Looks like she could very well be the same size as you.  What if there is only one pair left?  Is she going to take them?  Hmmm…She reminds you of someone.  Oh yeah, your second cousin, Theresa.  You never liked her.  She was always trying to one up everyone. And she never liked animals.  There is something wrong with a person who doesn’t like animals.  What’s wrong with a little squirrel or a bunny?  Or, how about a lemur?  Who couldn’t like a lemur?  There was always something definitely wrong with Theresa.  Bet this lady doesn’t like animals either.  Why would you let her take the last pair of Jimmy Choo heels and be happy?  She doesn’t deserve them.  She’s a hater.  Plus, you would look so much better than she would in those shoes. She doesn’t have the right vibe to wear those shoes, and you don’t like her personal ethics.  They’re really not right for her.  Why, you would be doing her a favor by taking them.  Better go in and grab them.  You’re welcome, you souless Theresa wannabe.

See what happened there?  You can’t even feel completely good about your awesome purchase because you now feel like you have let yourself and the world down.  It’s sad, really.  But, you wouldn’t have felt bad at all had you not made the resolution in the first place.  Without painting yet more scenarios, let’s just list the topics that should be avoided as New Year’s Resolutions.  The big ones are:  Food, Work, Money, Exercise, and Behavior (Like saying you will be nicer to your next door neighbor, and then you see her standing on your front lawn with her Schnauzer, Theodore, letting him poop all over your  flowerbed.  In no time, you will be at her front door with a handful of zip lock bags and a death stare.  No one could blame you for not backing this resolution up.)

If you still want to keep this tradition going, we have a few suggestions.  The rule of thumb is to set the bar low.  How about, “This year, I plan to always carry an umbrella with me if it looks overcast.”  Or you could resolve to floss everyday, or water your plants more regularly.  See where we are going with this?  This way, you have an opportunity to feel successful, and improved.  The old way only makes you feel bad about yourself, and a pervasive sadness takes over, and you are hurled into the Great Abyss of Failure. Not a very happy new year in store for you now, is there?

New Year Dog Of Sadness

New Year Dog Of Sadness

(You know who never sets himself up for a New Year’s Resolution failure?  That awesome guy, Thor.  Of course, he doesn’t have any issues to resolve.  He is that awesome.)

Awesome Thor with no issues to resolve

Awesome Thor with no issues to resolve

Another reason to be happy you didn’t do the spending resolution is because we are having a Big Habu Sale Event!  That’s right.  From now to January 20th, Everything Habu is 30% off! Come in and load up on all the Habu you have always wanted.  It’s beautiful stuff.  (Don’t let that Theresa impersonator beat you out.)

Our store will be closed from Friday, January 20th, and reopening on Wednesday, February lst. 

(We will be at the TNNA Convention, buying more ridiculously great stuff.)

We also should mention that we just got a truck load of Madeline Tosh in DK, Lite, ASAP, Silk, and Pashmina.  Lookey here:  

This even isn't all of it.  We had to use an additional wall.  We're talking a lot of Tosh here.

This even isn’t all of it. We had to use an additional wall. We’re talking a lot of Tosh here.

This even isn’t all of it.  We had to use an additional wall.  We’re talking a lot of Tosh here.

So, to summarize, don’t make any big declarations this year, unless they are to seek out ways to be happy and appreciative of the superb individual that you already are.

Well, you can make just one.  How about planning to come and see us soon?

Happy New Year!

Diane and Christin

What?  Theresa doesn't like me?

What? Theresa doesn’t like me?