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Does anyone have the time?

Time is a tricky thing.  Sixty seconds in a minute.  Sixty minutes in an hour.  Simple tools to measure time.  So, why do some minutes seem so long, and others fly by in the blink of an eye?  Obviously, it is one’s perception of the time that makes it vary so.  Two people within the same hour can have completely different perceptions of the same sixty minutes.  We thought we would explore this phenomenon a bit further.  Don’t worry.  We won’t get all sciencey.  We just want to look closer at a very odd thing.  Let’s compare same time experiences:

Stuff that feels like an eternity:

1.  Any dental work

There you are in that chaise lounge chair that is supposed to relax you. The soothing music is playing.  You stare up at the light that seems to burn directly through your corneas and into your soul.  As you examine the various sharp objects laid out on the tray, you understand that these tools will soon be used on you.  You break out in a cold sweat.  Time seems to stand still.  A paper bib is pinned around your neck.  You feel like it has been at least a half hour that you have been in the chair, and nothing has even happened yet.  In actuality, it has been less than five minutes.  The next hour is going to feel like a week.  Your life at this moment sucks a great deal.

2. Waiting for pasta water to boil when you are starving

You have been staring at the pot of water for what seems like three days.  How can this be?  There aren’t any bubbles in the water yet.  You need the bubbles to make the water work.  Your mind has lost all coherency.  You know this much.  No bubbles, no pasta.  That’s what you know.  This is impossible.  How can it not be hot yet?  Maybe if you walk away and not look at the pot, it will start bubbling.  Go to the window.  Look out and see the birds and the clouds and the trees.  Okay. That’s enough.  There have to be bubbles by now.  You go back to the stove to take a peek.  No bubbles yet.  You lie down on the floor in front of the stove.  No more peeking.  The bubbles know you are checking up on them.  So they won’t come out.  But you will outsmart the bubbles.  You will lie on the floor and hide so they can’t see you.  That’s right.  They aren’t as smart as they think.  Hah.  Stupid, slow bubbles.  Your life at this moment sucks a great deal.

3. The post office

Before you enter the post office, everything seems normal.  You have been running errands, and it all seems fine.  But, after the door opens and you enter, everything feels like you are suddenly under water.  Or maybe wading through an enormous vat of Jello.  Everyone is moving in slow motion.  You have entered a time warp.  Another dimension where nothing moves at a normal speed.  You are in a line that is so long, it snakes around and almost goes outside.  The person in the front of the line takes an unnatural amount of time to simply place his box on the counter.  Then there is an exchange of information about said package that lasts long enough that you could have gone home and made a pot of pasta. (See #2 above)  Again, time feels like it is standing still.  You have waited for one tedious transaction to end and another to begin for an eternity.  You are three people away from it being your turn.  Up next is a sweet, little old lady.  She wants to pick out the stamps she wishes to purchase from the pile of stamps offered. There are literally books of them.  The postal worker has no problem with this. He has all the time in the world.  And he moves like a sloth.  The two of them look at each stamp, commenting on them.  She might go for the bird collection.  Not sure though.  He likes the Elvis ones.  You know that, after she makes her final choice, she is absolutely going to pay for these stamps with pennies.  Your life at this moment sucks a great deal.

We are just going to list the things that go by quickly. That is the whole point of this study.  Fleeting, joyful moments.  Same sixty seconds, but a world of difference.  Here we go:

  1. Any great vacation
  2. Any great meal
  3. Any Disney ride
  4. Any massage
  5. Any day off
  6. Any minutes before snooze alarm goes off
  7. Any time left after your car finally warms up and you have to get out again.
  8. Any time between colonoscopies (didn’t say they were all going to be good)
  9. Any year before your first wrinkle

We could go on here.  But you get the picture.  The bottom line is that minutes are not created equally.  So what have we learned?  We think the best take away is to collect as many of the good ones as you can.  If you end up with more good ones than bad in your life, you win.

(You know who knows this already?  That awesome guy, Thor.  He is smiling here because the majority of his time is composed of excellent moments.  That’s how awesome he is.)


Awesome Thor, thinking about his excellent moments

Speaking of great moments, we have some terrific events coming to our store:

Yarn Tasting of Manos Del Uruguay, Sunday, October 7th at 1:00 pm

Lisa, of Manos Del Uruguay will be at our store with new yarns, patterns, samples for you to see and play with.  It is always great to see Lisa and her beautiful yarns.  Admission is free. And it’s a great way to collect a pile of really fun moments.

Loopy Mango Trunk Show, Sunday, October 14th at 2:00 pm

This is their show for Fall!  Loopy Mango Shows are always fun. Come try beautiful new things on and meet the Loopy Mango staff.  It should be an awesome afternoon.  Again, admission is free.  Come in and have fun with us.

We are continuing to get in new yarns, notions, and all around fabulous stuff.  Think holidays.  (They are coming really fast. And time will run out before you know it.)

Please don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.  We really appreciate it.

We will leave you with one final time measurement:

Time it takes to eat a slice of cheesecake: Under five minutes

Time it takes to lose the calories from one slice of cheesecake: Infinity

If life was fair, these would be the same.

See you soon!
Diane and Christin

These Are The Breaks


When a child needs dicipline, an adult will usually place the child in a chair. The child is told that he or she is being punished with a “time out,” and that they are not allowed to get up from the chair until the adult tells them that it is okay to do so. At that moment, the child hates the chair, because he or she has been told that this is a punishment. They are dying to get up and be freed of the chair. But, as the child gets older, the very same activiity will become a precious gift when someone utters the words, “Let’s take a break.”

Ah, the wondrous break. Who doesn’t love it? Whether it is a rest from something one is enjoying, like dancing, or from something not so enjoyable like working, it is always a great thing. So, we decided to pay homage to the break, and examine the different types of breaks one can take.

Ah, the wondrous break. Who doesn’t love it? Whether it is a rest from something one is enjoying, like dancing, or from something not so enjoyable like working, it is always a great thing. So, we decided to pay homage to the break, and examine the different types of breaks one can take.

The lunch hour break: This is a much better break. Not only because it is longer, but there is food involved. On this break you can actually sit, relax, chat with friends, and eat. True, it definitely goes faster than any other hour of the day, but it’s a much better “time out.” Some people actually grab something to eat quickly, and use this hour for other things. If you are spry, you can go shopping, run an errand, or do something else that’s fun. And yes, there are actually people who work through their lunch hour, thinking they are superior to others. This, in our opinion, is a foolish endeavor. Nobody thinks that you are superior working through your lunch hour, pal. You are eventually going to die with the rest of us. Have a chicken leg. Live it up. The work will still be there an hour from now. Carpe Diem.

You know who knows exactly what to do on a break? That awesome guy, Thor. He doesn’t waste an hour on stupid stuff. Thor naps. That’s how awesome he is,


The afternoon off: This is paradise. There is only one thing that beats the afternoon off, and it is the snow day. Let’s talk about the snow day for a second. This is a perfect day if you don’t have to travel to work in the snow. (If you have to travel to work, you get both a sympathy and a “hat’s off to you” gesture) But, when the announcement is made that the office is closed for the day, it’s like Christmas. Like your birthday. It is a beautiful, guilt free, surprise slice of heaven right there. A gift you weren’t expecting. Nothing better. As a matter of fact, it’s so great that we will override the afternoon off break, and just talk about the snow day. It is a WHOLE free day off. You get to stay in your jammies, and do whatever you want to do. These days don’t come along frequently, so we suggest that they are used wisely. Don’t emulate the “work through lunch guy”, and do something incredibly stupid with such a gift like he does by cleaning out a closet or reorganizing files. What a jerk. Bet he likes to say “Okay, back to work” as frequently as possible. And you know he was the kid who reminded the teacher she didn’t give out a homework assignment. You are not well liked, sir. The least you could do is work from home.

Is there wisdom to be found when examining the break? We think so. Our advice is to find your happy place within any break, and enjoy it to its fullest. Sure, that hairy, pocket protector guy mentioned above may get a raise or a promotion from working through his break times, but how wise is he to do so? He may have a bit more money, and a better office, but what does he spend his money on with no one who wants to spend any time with him? He blew up all his happy moments on a bigger desk. He is Hairy Attila the Hun Missed The Whole Point Of A Break Guy. And he is definitely not getting a weenie this summer. Let’s remember that. So, our advice is live it up in the free time that we are given. Read a good book. Sit in the sun and eat a sandwich. And, maybe, knit?

The Cocoknits Sweater Workshop Book, by Julie Weisenberger, is a new way to create different sweaters, using a sweater structure that is in every pattern. Once you learn how to make the “yoke”, you can then choose different versions of it, using different yarns. The sweaters are clean, and cutting edge in design. They are the sweaters you would choose to buy at the store. Simple and beautiful.
Here are what they look like:

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 11.52.08 AM

Starting on Sunday, February 25th,, will be the first class of the workshop. There are four classes altogether. You sign up for each class individually, so that you are not committed to all four classes if you don’t feel that you need them. You must register in advance for each class, though. There is a guest instructor, and you need to reserve your space. You can sign up for one or all classes on our website, by going to this link:

Class #1

Sunday, February 25th, 1:00 to 3:00

You set up your pattern in your workbook, you cast on and learn the increase stitches, and set up the yoke markers. You then do the twelve rows that begin the yoke.

Class #2

Sunday, March 4th, 1:00 to 3:00

Your twelve rows are completed before this class. You learn how to pick up the stitches for the shoulders. You then do the rows that complete the shoulders, joining in the round to begin the body of the sweater

Class #3

Sunday, March 25th, 1:00 to 3:00

With the body completed, you will pick up the stitches for the sleeves, knitting in the round, using double pointed needles or the magic loop.

Both will be demonstrated in this lesson.

After the first lesson, you will be able to register for the next class in the store while you are there. This is a beautiful way to make a sweater that actually fits, and we think you will enjoy learning this method. The class is $30.00 per hour. Please let us know in advance if you can’t make it. You can call us at 215.598.9276, write us, or stop by the store.

We also want to mention that we just got a lot of new yarn in, and it will keep coming. (Great stuff to make a Cocoknits sweater with). Right now, new Manos Del Uruguay, Madeline Tosh, and Big Bad Wool just came in. What also just arrived are the square needles from Knitter’s Pride that have become popular recently. Lots of new patterns, notions, and cool stuff.

Our store will be closed Tuesday, February 20th, Wednesday, February 21st, and Thursday, February 22nd. We will reopen on Friday, February 23rd.

So, we invite you to learn something new, or buy something new. Take a break and come over. Don’t be like that misguided, Hun guy with no weenie. (Don’t think that came out right.)

Happy Valentine’s Day And See You Soon!

Diane and Christin


The Limitless Things We Do For Our Clients


Pet owners certainly love their pets. We all know that. But, people just don’t get the difference between taking care of a cat and other animals. They just don’t understand that there is a difference.

We have observed that most cat owners are programmed exactly the same way. Here are some real life examples of cat programming. (Note: The names below have been changed to allow mentioned cat owners to remain anonymous and sustain a public appearance of dignity.)

Scott is a large, construction worker that looks like he could break you in half with no difficulty. But, if you ask Scott about his cat, Snowflake, he isn’t tough Scott anymore. Snowflake, apparently, does not like to drink water that is not completely fresh. So, Scott showed her how to drink from his bathroom faucet. Now Snowflake literally lives in Scott’s bathroom sink. In the morning, Scott has to go to the kitchen to brush his teeth and shave. The world may perceive Scott as a scary dude, but Snowflake would think that is hillarious. Snowflake perceives Scott as a big poof.

Henry builds an entire “fortress wall” every night out of chairs, blankets, and boxes to keep Pumpkin from getting out of the bedroom. When Pumpken gets out, he screams all night to come back in. It is our suspicion that Pumpkin has a sadistic sense of humor (not uncommon in the feline community). He enjoys seeing Henry build this “wall thing” every night. It tickles him.

(You know who gives into his cat’s whims, but still maintains his dignity? That awesome guy, Thor. Asgard, his cat, knows he has that huge hammer, and isn’t afraid to use it. Even though he gave Asgard his own hammer. His is still a lot bigger. So, he doesn’t push him too far. Truly awesome.)


Then there is Dorothy, an award winning chef. She likes to create great food. But Theodore is a problem. He constantly leaps on the cutting board or counter, while Dorothy is preparing her meals. He gets great enjoyment in knocking food, utencils, etc. onto the floor. He likes to walk across the stove while the flame is on. This frightens Dorothy a great deal. He also scavenges food and loves to go into the refrigerator, refusing to come out. Needless to say, Theodore’s antics have greatly curtailed Dorothy’s desire to cook. It is such a battle with Theodore, that Dorothy has given up cooking altogether. She has recently reached a new low by buying a bucket of Chick-fil-A for guests. Theodore owns the kitchen now. He also enjoyed playing with the empty bucket. He couldn’t be happier.

It is our opinion that all cats are sociopathic.

You know how your cat occasionally chatters? You think it is adorable. You think your cat is wishing it could hunt the birds it sees outside of the window. We are considering this is not at all the case. We are beginning to suspect that that chattering is how a cat laughs. Sometimes they are so entertained with you, they can’t maintain their usual state of indifference. Chattering just might be your cat bursting out laughing at you, while pretending to be interested in something outside. A scary thought. But it makes more sense than just chattering at stuff. That never made sense, did it?

We allow our cats to torture us, laugh at us, and manipulate us on a daily basis. Why do we allow it, you ask? Cats also train their owners to understand what a great honor it is that they have continued to live with them. We believe this, and continue to allow our cats to target all the things we love to own, and love to do. Like stealing and destroying beautiful yarn, knitting needles and the blissfull activity of knitting itself.

Speaking of knitting, our shipment of Madeline Tosh Yarn is in. Home, Dk and Twist, in gorgeous, new and old favorite colors. Our Big Bad Wool is in with new colors in Yeti. Here is a great jacket to make with any of the new colors:


We received a lot of flack for not sending out a newsletter in December. We apologize. The month just got away from us. To make up for it, we have planned a pretty nice thing on the last weekend in January, the 27th and 28th. We are calling it “The Never Before KTKE Shibui Event.” On this weekend, everything Shibui will be 10% off. Soak it up. We don’t plan on missing another newsletter any time soon.

So, stay safe in all this weather. Please follow us on Twitter @knittingtoknow and Facebook @Knittingtoknowewe.

And why not knit your cat a bunny costume? He’ll hate it.

See you soon!

Diane and Christin



If It Ain’t Broke…

What should be more celebrated than the human spirit of invention? It is, indeed, a wondrous thing. We certainly covet and appreciate creativity and innovation. However, one must not reject a past creation, with its perfection, in the name of improvement. Some things simply do not require improvement. And, in the attempt to make it “better,” some inventors miss the entire point of what made the thing great to begin with. There are some things that just need to stay the way they are. They just end up being pretentious and wrong. Here are some examples:

The Grilled Cheese Sandwich

This is a perfect sandwich. The bread lightly grilled, the cheese (good old American cheese) gooey and warm, and served beside a steaming bowl of soup (tomato is our preference). This is a good thing right here. So, who’s idea was it to make a brie grilled cheese sandwich? Or goat cheese? Even the three cheese thing is overkill. We will, at this point, allow bacon to be added. But the line must be drawn here. No cod fish. No wild boar. Settle down right now.

The Tunafish Sandwich

This is a sacred sandwich. We don’t mind if you change the bread to a roll. You can even put tomato or cheese on it. That’s fine. But seared ahi tuna is an abomination. It needs to stay on the sushi menu or in a stir fry. Whoever came up with this idea needs a time out. He needs to look within himself closely and come to grips with some of the issues that he’s been carrying around. Did his mother not hold him enough? Is he afraid of something like heights or inclosed places? Whatever his issues may be, he needs to work some heavy stuff out. Try to find his soul again. Geez


Here is the recipe:

Tomato Sauce, Cheese and Dough.

Okay. We get it that people like to add things on their pizzas.

Pepperoni, sausage, onions, ground beef, olives, etc. So let’s just mention what shouldn’t go on a pizza. Or, better still, let’s list some that have wicked combinations:

Tropical Veggie Delight (yes, this is a real thing) has zuchini and pineapple on it. Are you kidding? Zuchini shouldn’t be within ten feet of a pizza.

Asian Fusion Pizza. Chicken, peanuts, and snap peas. No comment.

Mexican Fiesta Pizza. Refried beans, chorizo, and beef. Sounds good if you are at Taco Bell.

At this point, we are willing to renegotiate. Let’s just call all the above flatbreads and we are good. Leave pizza alone, though. It is an icon. They got it right the first time./span>


Again, this is a perfect thing. Cream cheese, vanilla, butter, sugar, on a graham cracker crust. Here come the wicked combinations:

Pistachio Coconut Cheesecake, Macadamia Mango Cheesecake, Walnut Lemon Cheesecake. Who are these people with their nuts and fruit? If they have to add all this stuff, put it on top so we can scrape it off.

Ice Cream

This might be the worst one. Ice cream has always had a great range of flavors. We have no problem with that. But, today, the attempt to create the most pretentious ice cream flavor in an attempt to modernize it, has reached a feverish level. Here are some examples:

Lavender, hibiscus, and green tea ice cream. This is not ice cream. It is potpourri.

Cillantro, watermelon, cucumber ice cream. Not in a million years.

Cayenne, sage, vanilla ice cream. We like the vanilla part.

We could go on, but what are we trying to say here? The best way to say it is that, sometimes, simplicity is a beautiful thing. Like a great cup of coffee. (Let’s not go into what they have done to coffee. Adding all that whipped cream and syrups. That’s not coffee anymore. It’s a sundae. Who can drink that first thing in the morning without going into insulin shock?)

Or a great, clean lined, simple sweater. A sweater that requires no extra design. It simply highlights the incredible yarn with which it is made. It allows the yarn to do all the work. And it fits and looks great.

We have been making one sweater after the other from the Cocoknits Sweater Workbook. This is such a great book, and you can make simple, clean sweaters out of any yarn you want. The pattern is easy and fun. If you get the book, the worksheet book, and the color coded stitch markers, you are set. You can use your stash yarn up making great sweaters. If you can’t get to our store, here are the links to order the books and markers from our website:

Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 2.19.43 PM

There is a great event at our store on July 15th and 16th this month. It is The Great Habu Event! Everything Habu will be 30% Off! Now is the time to load up on all the Habu projects you have wanted to make. It should be a fun weekend.

Our store is open this weekend before the Fourth of July. If we don’t see you this weekend, have a great holiday!

We have already started to get the orders we placed at the convention last month. Appalachian Organic Cotton has new natural beiges that just came in. They are great. Shibui Reed has arrived. It is their new linen, and it is soft and wonderful. Rain has also arrived in some new colors. This is Shibui’s pure cotton yarn. It is what the dark gray sweater above is made out of. Really beautiful stuff.

We are about to get in Big Bad Wool. All of it. You are going to love this yarn. Madeline Tosh, Loopy Mango, more Shibui, Freia, and a brand new yarn from Blue Sky Alpacas are also coming, plus tons more. We will keep you posted as they arrive. This Fall is going to rock.

So, stop by and see us. Think about a new project you want to make, and we will help you put something awesome together. We have lots of ideas and are here to help you through your project. So, get yourself an audiobook and sit by the pool, knit and listen. That’s our tip of the day.

We are here to help and welcome you. We’ve got a lot of time. After all, how long does it take to make a grilled cheese sandwich?

See you soon!

Diane and Christin


We Are So Not Kidding. You Really Don’t Want To Miss This

knit 3

The Habu Event

Get ready for a huge all day Habu Event this weekend. On Saturday, July 15th and Sunday, July 16th, everything Habu in our store will be 30% off! We told you it was big. Come in and grab all the Habu you want at a great savings while supply lasts, and make something that has been on your to do list.

Is there a blue moon this weekend? We’ll check.

See you soon!

Diane and Christin

One Year Anniversary!

Hello, all! We just got back from our TNNA Convention (The National NeedleArts Conference), and are really psyched about what we saw and purchased there. Some amazing things are going to arrive in our store in the next few months, so stay tuned and pop in to visit us! We will be receiving new Loopy Mango kits, Anzula, Manos del Uruguay, Knit Collage, and more.  

In addition to all that, there is a new book by Cocoknits!  This is not just any book.  This book will change the way we knit projects.  It incorporates notions that work with the projects, and will allow the knitter to make a project with any yarn they wish.  The patterns are amazing, and are beautifully easy to make.  This book is set to be released at the end of this month.  We are really jazzed about it, and think you will be too.

We also have a very exciting date coming up in the next few weeks. Can you guess what?  It is our one year anniversary in our new store!  We are having a little party in honor of the occasion on Sunday, February 26th, from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m (the whole day, basically.) There will be refreshments, and EVERYTHING IN THE STORE WILL BE 10% OFF (look at it as an extended Valentine’s Day Softee Bonus)!  

So, come in and celebrate our being in Newtown for a whole year now.  We love being there, and love to see you when you come and visit us. 

See you soon,

Diane and Christin


Last Minute Christmas Presents




Yep, it’s Saturday. Christmas is officially here. Now or Later
For those who have perfected the art of procrastination, we say, “Good for you!”  You have worked hard to achieve a goal for yourself.  Nothing wrong with that.  We know what it takes to be an ace procrastinator: a distorted perception of time and a whole lot of denial.  

Well, not to worry.  Just for you, we will not only be open regular hours this week, but will also be open from 10:00am to noon on Christmas Eve for all you last minute shoppers!

We will be here helping you to slide right under the wire without anyone ever knowing that you waited until the absolute last second to get your presents.  No one has to know.  It will look like you planned this holiday gift giving bonanza months ago.  We will gift wrap whatever you purchase (we do an awesome job with gift cards as well). They’ll never know that you came in minutes before we closed on Saturday. 

(Do you know who never procrastinates?  That awesome guy, Thor.  He gets all of his presents way before the holidays.  He is that awesome.)

Thor in a Santa hat

We will also be open from 10:00am to 2:00pm on New Year’s Eve for those who entirely miss the mark and are trying to scramble for belated gifts.  

Also, keep an eye open for our next Newsletter! It is going to have a pretty good surprise in it. ( Hint:  It rhymes with pale. Get it?) 

So you see, we’ve got your back.  If we don’t see you this week, have a great holiday and a happy new year!

Diane and Christin


A Halloween Life Lesson

It is time for Halloween again! Fun, right? Little kids wait for this holiday all year. They plan out their costumes, and get ready to trick or treat. They can’t wait to trade candy with their buddies. All good fun. But, we just wanted to put out a message that we just couldn’t not do this year. You notice that we mentioned little kids, right? Little is the key word here. So, we are addressing the other trick or treater; the kid way too old to still be trick or treating.

Maybe you were on the fence about going out this year door to door. But, you love to trick or treat. Maybe you can get one more Halloween under your belt. Let’s rethink this, shall we?

Who doesn’t like an adorable little kid, ringing the doorbell and waiting for his treat? All he or she wants is for you to make a big fuss over how great they look and hand them a Kit Kat bar. But, after a certain age, this scenario takes on a whole new reaction. Let’s face it. The older one gets, the odder it is to go door to door asking for handouts. Instead of handing you a candy bar, it wouldn’t be a stretch to have someone with a taser in one hand and a cell phone in the other ready to dial 911 when they see you coming. Don’t know if you are too old to trick or treat? No problem. We have provided a handy set of guidelines for you.

You are too old if:
  1. You had to shave this morning.
  2. You and your friends are driving to the desired trick or treat street.
  3. You are way taller than any height requirement for a ride at Universal Studios.
  4. You are a registered voter.Get it? It’s over.

But, don’t be so glum. Let your little brother have his glory, dressed as Harry Potter, collecting confections. You can do tons of things he can’t do. Don’t you remember how tough it was to be his age? And, it isn’t all rainbows anyway. He is about to experience the heartache that is candy corn. (It looks awesome, and you get all excited about eating it. Then you eat it and remember that it is awful, and you ask yourself why you never remember that this stuff is terrible.)

(You know who never trick or treated when he got too old to do it? That awesome guy, Thor. He even created a Pez dispenser to hand out to little kids.)
Awesome Thor Pez Dispenser

And, we might add, if you are looking at your little brother right now, sad that he can go out and trick or treat and you no longer can, we feel this is a great way for you to prepare for the future, when the list of things you loved and you can no longer do gets longer and longer. (This is called aging, and it really sucks.)

See? A life lesson.So, here are your choices. You can either go to a party with others your age dressed in costumes, or stay home and answer the door when the kids ring the bell for treats. If neither of these work for you, go upstairs, take off your Jack Sparrow costume, and do something grown up like watch CNN, preparing for the first time you will vote. And, yes, you can steal some of the candy. We’re not heartless here.

We know that all this doesn’t have a lot to do with knitting. We just had to put this out there. Besides, there are no Newesletter rules. This isn’t Russia, people. But, since we are a yarn store, let’s talk knitting.

A ton of stuff has arrived this month. New Madeline Tosh, new Shibui, new Loopy Mango, new Manos, new Anzula, actually, more than we can list right here. Come in and see and touch everything. We have great new patterns and ideas for making your next project.

We like to mention, from time to time, that we offer individual, one- on-one lessons for anything knitting, crocheting, felting, or weaving related. We are happy to accommodate your schedule and your needs. Just call, write, or stop buy to schedule a lesson. The lessons are $28.00 per hour. (And, don’t forget about our gift cards. You can purchase a lesson for someone anytime. Think holidays.) We also are always happy to help you if you are stuck with a project (we do not care if you purchased the yarn from us). We will help you for free and will make sure you are able to finish your project. We like happy, confident knitters. It’s what we are all about.

So, new stuff (And always more coming, yay!), great support, and a life lesson. No tricks. Just treats.

Happy Halloween!
See you soon!
Diane and Christin

Still nope.