Another Scarfoholic Favorite: The Ostrich Scarf

This is an oldie but goodie at our store. I wanted to make a scarf using a stitch that looked complicated, but was easy. I came up with this one. It is basically a stockinette stitch with one row that changes it all.

Here is the stitch pattern:

  • Cast on desired amount of stitches to make your scarf
  • Knit in stockinette stitch for as many rows as desired. End with a right side row.
  • Next row: *Purl 2tog, yarn over, repeat from * to end.
  • Repeat above to desired length.
  • Bind off on a stockinette row.

Typically, the more popular stitch is k2tog, yarn over. I preferred purling two stitches together, because it made a little “bump.” One of our knitters commented that it looked like ostrich leather (hey, Greg). So the name was born.

There is a lot of flexibility to making this scarf using this stitch, because you can decide how many rows you wish to place between the yarn over rows. I have seen this scarf made using 12 to 24 stockinette rows between the yarn over rows. I have made a scarf in this stitch pattern using 6 rows between yarn over rows. The variation of the row lengths changes the scarf quite a bit. It has the look of long columns when you put a lot of rows between the yarn over row. My scarf looks very textured because I only used the 6 rows.

I made my scarf out of Habu Tsumugi Silk (A-1 weight), and ran it with Habu Wool Stainless Steel. I used a size five needle, and casted on 60 stitches. The scarf measured 9” in width, and 90” in length.

The stainless steel in the scarf gives it a stretch and allows you to slightly manipulate the shape.

I love this scarf’s versatility. It is gender friendly. One of our knitters made this scarf for her (very picky) son. She knitted 12 rows between the yarn over rows, and used a darker Tsumugi color. It was very masculine, and her son loved it.

This is also an all weather scarf when made out of the Tsumugi Silk. I have taken this scarf on many a trip to many different climates. It is just light enough for Spring, but also is warm when you need it to be. It has another perk too…it doesn’t wrinkle.

I have also seen this scarf made out of Madeline Tosh DK. It looks completely different and is absolutely stunning. (Of course, it is difficult to not make something stunning with Tosh).

I am currently winding some Madeline Tosh Merino Light to make this scarf again. It is a very satisfying project that you can watch TV while you knit. ( We all need a Law & Order project every once in a while.)

We have not listed our Madeline Tosh yarns on our website recently because we find that we sell our Tosh out in the store so quickly, it is difficult to maintain our inventory online. Also, when we run out of a color, we really run out. Because it is hand painted and impossible to match with another lot, and because it takes several months to get back in, we don’t want to disappoint or frustrate our customers online. Please know, however, that if someone is looking for Madeline Tosh in DK or Light, we have a healthy supply of both gauges in many colors. We are currently carrying Prairie as well. Please call us at 215-598-9276, or fill out a contact us form online. We will tell you what colors we have and how many skeins in each color remain.

We love our Tosh. We know how many people love it as well. We will be happy to ship it to you from our inventory.

Hope you give The Ostrich Scarf a try. I think you will enjoy making it and how it looks when you are finished. It can be made from just about any yarn, even though I believe it looks best made in a smaller gauge yarn. Fingering to DK would be my recommended range.

Hope you love it as much as I do.