Is Competition Really That Healthy?

We have all heard how competition can make one strive for a higher level of achievement. How it makes one look at what someone else has achieved, and want to surpass them, simply for the experience of atttaining a higher standard and gaining personal growth. That’s sounds great, right? But, we got to thinking how, a lot of the time, for most, it is just about winning. About telling the world they are, unequivically, the best. And, we have observed that this can sometimes take a nasty turn. Get really weird. So, we thought we would show you some examples of how competition sometimes derails the original goal, and sends some people directly to crazytown.

Case #1: The Executive Competition

Steve and Brian have both coveted a promotion in the company they work for. They have been working for months at a feverish pace to win. Steve’s strategy is to work overtime to the point where he has had to rent an apartment near the office. His family doesn’t see much of him, and, in effect, he has literally moved out of his house. He works long hours, not sleeping, eating, or taking a break. But he has gotten the boss’s attention. Brian sees all of this. He really wishes that he had thought of the apartment thing. He is single, and it would have been easy for him. But, it is too late to copy Steve. His strategy is to bombard his boss with gifts. Tickets to events, celebrity introductions, car detailing, restaurant reservations, etc. He is broke paying for all these bribes. Had to sell his car. Steve is now in the hospital with exhaustion, and his wife wants a divorce. But, he tries to dazzle his boss by working from the hospital bed. Brian panics and, in a moment of insanity, proposes to the boss’s daughter. Who looks a lot like this:


So, who got the job? Neither. Because the boss had a heart attack giving his daughter away at the wedding.

Case #2: Prom Queen Competition

How about Marcy and April, who both wanted to be Prom Queen? Marcy thought she needed to fit into a size 2 dress, and went on a diet of Skittles (only the yellow and red ones). April decided she needed a makeover, and had plastic surgery and a boob job. She cleaned out her college fund. Marcy was so weak that she could barely stand up at the prom. And, nobody recognized April, and thought she dropped out of the competition. They both lost to Tiffany, who paid for all the decorations and the food for the prom. Marcy freaked out and took a tire iron to Tiffany’s limo on prom night. She was arrested. But she said, ” It wasn’t so bad in jail. “They give you a lot of food there.”

Case 3: Pie Anyone?

Hazel and Jeanette have always competed in the pie competition. Every year they alternate in getting the coveted blue ribbon. ( For their families, it is a year from hell when they don’t get the ribbon.) This year, there is a GOLD ribbon. They both want it so bad, they can taste it. They make pie after pie for weeks, perfecting their baking skills. They eye each other at the competition with blood lust. But, to their astonishment, a newbie has entered the arena. Calista, a new addition to the Food Channel Network, has arrived with cameras and a staff, ready to document her presence at the competition. She presents her famous “Calista Caramel Macchiato Pie” and takes the gold. Hazel and Jeanette are in shock. They both go after Calista with the first thing they can pick up. Hazel has a stapler, and Jeanette grabs a box of forks. They are stopped by security, but the press takes their picture and headline reads, “Two Sore LOSERS At Pie Competition Go After Winner.” They are currently both in a mental hospital. They share a room. Both want the bed by the window. You don’t want to know.

Crazy, right? What happens to these people? There should be some kind of red alert to get people to throw cold water on these competitors. Just to shake them up and get them to see they have entered into a dark place. Or how about a taser? Yeah. A taser is good.

You know who never gets competitive? That awesome guy, Thor. (Yes. He is back. Did you think we would forget about him?) He always wins. That’s how awesome he is.


So, what have we learned from all this? People need to stop competing. As it turns out, it’s not very healthy at all. Why not do something beneficial? Something relaxing. Like yoga, meditation, reading, or knitting?

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So remember. Don’t take everything so seriously. Life is supposed to be fun. And, we know, there will be people who take away this message and start trying to have more fun than anyone else. Well, whaddya know. That actually could be healthy for you.

See you soon!

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Diane and Christin