The Interworkings Of Your Pet’s Mind


Pets are a wonder, aren’t they?  They keep us pretty busy with their crazy antics and make us smile when they are so darn cute.  We have a tendency to think they are simple minded, obsessing on ball throwing and treats.  But, we have considered that, perhaps, they are smarter than we believe.  We will examine here the possibility of what is really going on in the world of pets, and what they think of us.  Here are some items that pets have shared with us that they want you to know:

1.  Diversion Technique:  We use affection, such as licking, jumping, and rubbing against your ankles to move you away from a specific area where we have stashed items that we do not wish you to find.  If we are guiding you away from the sofa, for example, it is because we have something on the order of a stolen turkey leg stashed there.

2.  We always note when you change your appearance in some way.  Like a new hair cut.  You left with longer hair, and come back with shorter hair.  If we like the new hair, we will lick you or rub against your ankle.  That is our way of saying that this is a good look for you.  If we bark at you, it’s our way of saying that we can’t believe you did that to your head.  Cats generally run and hide so they can laugh at your new look in secret.

3.  We like to keep you entertained by doing inanely stupid things.  We will turn upside down, and look up at you, or jump in a box, or pop up out of a pile of towels, and you think these things are marvelous.  You take pictures and videos of us doing these things, and post them on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. We are highly entertained by these activities. You have no idea that, collectively, we are doing research on how to take over the planet while you are asleep at night. (This is the real reason why cats, expecially, are nocturnal creatures.)

4.  An interesting scientific fact:  When we vomit under the coffee table, and it is 10:00 a.m. on your watch, it is also 10:00 a.m. to us.  We vomit in real time.  We don’t have our own time reality.  Just thought you would want to know that.

5. We utilize a variety of techniques to acquire extra food from you.  We wine, stand in front of where the food is stored and stare intently, look from you to the food storage area, and back at you to make this point, rummage through pantries or cabinets, making a mess, so that you take over and hand us the food, or lay down next to our food dish and look dissapated and sad.  All of the above techniques work successfully in a consistent manner.  And we are in awe that they do.  We, again, find this highly entertaining.  We love the simplicity of your human minds.  You are adorable.

6.  We are aware that you study us to learn our patterns of behavior.  We also do this with you.  For example, we know that a good percentage of you will either skim, or not read at all, the end of this Newesletter.  We have alerted the author of this, and advised her to send a separate email when announcing an up coming event.  We hope that our advice will be taken into concideration.

(Do you know what that awesome guy Thor’s dog, Odin, thinks of him?  Odin thinks that Thor is as awesome as he is.)
In the hope that you are still reading this, we are going to let you know in this Newesletter about two upcoming events.  The first is a reminder that our One Year Anniversary Party is this Sunday, February 26th, from 11:30 to 4:00.  We will have refreshments, and everything in our store is 10% off!  Come in and celebrate with us.  We love our new location, and would love to see you there.

We are also going to have a great event with Manos del Uruguay, the following Sunday, March 5, from 12:00 to 4:00.  Lisa, from Manos del Uruguay, will tell you all about how and where this beautiful yarn is made.  You will have a chance to see great projects made with this yarn, and ask her about the amazing group of women who make this yarn in Uruguay.  We have had one of her trunkshows in the past, and it was great.  Admission is free, so come and have a great afternoon with us.

We are starting our first project of the month.  We picked a timely one.  We will send a separate email with all of the details, but here is Christin, below, wearing it:

We have also gotten in some beautiful new kits from Loopy Mango!  Here are just some of the great (and easy) projects you can make:

Knitting to Know EweKnitting to Know Ewe
Knitting to Know EwePetBlog_4Knitting to Know EweKnitting to Know Ewe







So, that’s all we are going to include in this Newesletter.  Thanks to our friends in the animal world, we know when to sign off.  

See you soon!


Future Planetary Ruler

Diane and Christin