The Limitless Things We Do For Our Clients


Pet owners certainly love their pets. We all know that. But, people just don’t get the difference between taking care of a cat and other animals. They just don’t understand that there is a difference.

We have observed that most cat owners are programmed exactly the same way. Here are some real life examples of cat programming. (Note: The names below have been changed to allow mentioned cat owners to remain anonymous and sustain a public appearance of dignity.)

Scott is a large, construction worker that looks like he could break you in half with no difficulty. But, if you ask Scott about his cat, Snowflake, he isn’t tough Scott anymore. Snowflake, apparently, does not like to drink water that is not completely fresh. So, Scott showed her how to drink from his bathroom faucet. Now Snowflake literally lives in Scott’s bathroom sink. In the morning, Scott has to go to the kitchen to brush his teeth and shave. The world may perceive Scott as a scary dude, but Snowflake would think that is hillarious. Snowflake perceives Scott as a big poof.

Henry builds an entire “fortress wall” every night out of chairs, blankets, and boxes to keep Pumpkin from getting out of the bedroom. When Pumpken gets out, he screams all night to come back in. It is our suspicion that Pumpkin has a sadistic sense of humor (not uncommon in the feline community). He enjoys seeing Henry build this “wall thing” every night. It tickles him.

(You know who gives into his cat’s whims, but still maintains his dignity? That awesome guy, Thor. Asgard, his cat, knows he has that huge hammer, and isn’t afraid to use it. Even though he gave Asgard his own hammer. His is still a lot bigger. So, he doesn’t push him too far. Truly awesome.)


Then there is Dorothy, an award winning chef. She likes to create great food. But Theodore is a problem. He constantly leaps on the cutting board or counter, while Dorothy is preparing her meals. He gets great enjoyment in knocking food, utencils, etc. onto the floor. He likes to walk across the stove while the flame is on. This frightens Dorothy a great deal. He also scavenges food and loves to go into the refrigerator, refusing to come out. Needless to say, Theodore’s antics have greatly curtailed Dorothy’s desire to cook. It is such a battle with Theodore, that Dorothy has given up cooking altogether. She has recently reached a new low by buying a bucket of Chick-fil-A for guests. Theodore owns the kitchen now. He also enjoyed playing with the empty bucket. He couldn’t be happier.

It is our opinion that all cats are sociopathic.

You know how your cat occasionally chatters? You think it is adorable. You think your cat is wishing it could hunt the birds it sees outside of the window. We are considering this is not at all the case. We are beginning to suspect that that chattering is how a cat laughs. Sometimes they are so entertained with you, they can’t maintain their usual state of indifference. Chattering just might be your cat bursting out laughing at you, while pretending to be interested in something outside. A scary thought. But it makes more sense than just chattering at stuff. That never made sense, did it?

We allow our cats to torture us, laugh at us, and manipulate us on a daily basis. Why do we allow it, you ask? Cats also train their owners to understand what a great honor it is that they have continued to live with them. We believe this, and continue to allow our cats to target all the things we love to own, and love to do. Like stealing and destroying beautiful yarn, knitting needles and the blissfull activity of knitting itself.

Speaking of knitting, our shipment of Madeline Tosh Yarn is in. Home, Dk and Twist, in gorgeous, new and old favorite colors. Our Big Bad Wool is in with new colors in Yeti. Here is a great jacket to make with any of the new colors:


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And why not knit your cat a bunny costume? He’ll hate it.

See you soon!

Diane and Christin