Scarfaholic – The Summer Scarf – Part Two

(For part one of “The Summer Scarf” click here )

I must mention the Habu Kusha Kusha Scarf if I am doing a blog on summer scarves, for this light weight and amazing scarf has traveled with me to various climates and worked well in all. I am frequently stopped and asked about this scarf wherever I travel.  Knitting To Know Ewe is getting all new supplies of the stainless and merino within the next week.  Here are the images and the pattern for this wonderful scarf that is frequently worn layered with another.  An amazing look:

Habu Textiles Super Fine Merino Wool – 1 cone, Yarn A

Habu Textiles Silk Stainless Yarn – 2 cones, Yarn B

Knitting Needles – US size 8, US size 6, US size 4, US size 3

Tapestry Needle – For finishing

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Habu Textiles patterns rely on diagrams, which are a visual way to represent a knitting pattern.  We know that for some of you this diagram looks less like knitting and more like a mysterious geometry lesson!  Standard American directions follow below, but if you are curious about learning to read Japanese knitting diagrams, here is how you do it.

Read the diagram from the bottom up. This pattern is worked in Stockinette Stitch (knit on the right side, purl on the wrong side).

The diagram is telling us that the bottom width of the scarf is 8 inches wide and consists of 68 stitches. For this part of the scarf you will work with both yarns, A+B and US size 8 needles.  Slightly up the diagram are two grey boxes with some numbers in them:



This means, work 6 rows, decreasing one stitch on each end of the 6th row 10 times.  This will leave you with 48 stitches. This section will be 60 rows long, and will measure approximately 9.2 inches in length, and when you are through, 5.6 inches wide.  Continue on the 48 stitches with your size 8 needles for 200 rows, or 30.2 inches more (for a total of 40 inches).

At 40 inches, you will drop yarn A and continue on with only Yarn B.  Switch to US size 6 needles and work 12 rows.  Then switch to US size 4 needles and work 24 rows.  Switch to US size 3 needles to work 94 rows (or 22 inches more) to complete the scarf.  Bind off and felt scarf.

Mystery solved!

-Kusha Kusha Scarf-

Work enitre pattern in Stockinette Stitch (knit on the right side, purl on the wrong side) beginning with a knit row.

Yarn A:  Habu Textiles, Super Fine Merino

Yarn B:  Habu Textiles, Silk Stainless

With US size 8 needles and yarns A + B, cast on 68 stitches.

*Work 5 rows, on the 6th row:

Purl 2 together, purl to last 2 stitches, purl 2 together.

Repeat from * 9 more times.

You will have 48 stitches.

Continue in Stockinette Stitch with US size 8 needles for 200 more rows or until piece measures approximately 40 inches long.

Switch to US size 6 needles, and drop Yarn A.

Work in Stockinette Stitch with Yarn B only for 12 rows.

Switch to US size 4 needles.

Work in Stockinette Stitch for 24 rows.

Switch to US size 3 needles.

Work in Stockinette Stitch for 94 rows, or for 22 more inches.

Scarf should measure approximately 62 inches long.

Sew in ends and felt piece in soapy water by hand.  Block and allow to dry.Cast off loosely.


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We are about to receive our first shipment of Shibui Kavo, a new yarn that is a combination of cotton and silk, that we are anxious to knit with. I am sure that we, along with our knitters, will come up with exciting new projects to try. I am also sure that I will be making a summer scarf with it.

I hope that you try some of the suggestions in this blog, and have fun experimenting with summer fibers to make your own scarf masterpiece.