Why You Should Start Your Projects For Winter Right Now (Yes, Right Now)

While it has started to become just a tad warm out there, and you probably don’t feel like knitting with wool, hear me out.  You normally don’t start your sweaters, coats, and blankets until it starts to get a bit cooler, right?  Well, those are pretty big projects.  They take a lot of time, especially if you like working with small gauge. My thinking is, why not start those puppies now so you have them by the time it cools down again? How awesome would it be when October rolled around, and you had a toasty cardigan made of, say, baby alpaca, merino wool, or cashmere all blocked and ready to go? Pretty darn awesome, that’s how much.

My suggestions is that while you work on your summery projects, you also have one going in preparation for winter. If you do a few inches every once and a while over the next three or four months, you can totally get it done in time!

Allow me to make some pattern suggestions:

Woman wearing Raiun sweater

Raiun by Kirsten Johnstone. This is a great all-seasons type of sweater that is not too warm and not too cool. It’s made of ShiBui Staccato yarn, which is a wool/silk blend, so it’s still absolutely lovely to work with during the summertime! It’s fun to knit and has gorgeous details.

Flogs Jacket Olgajazzy

Flogs Jacket by Olgajazzy. This is a warm, cozy, classic jacket that manages to be both knitted in garter stitch and very flattering.  It has invisible shaping, and is super-customizable, so you can make it as long or short as you want! It calls for chunky weight, so I’d probably use Fibre Company’s Tundra, or something of comparable weight. You can double two thinner yarns. Shi Bui Baby Alpaca DK doubles would be amazing.

Chaleur by Julie Hoover

Chaleur by Julie Hoover. This is a stunning sweater. It’s elegant, oversized, and a great layering piece. It’s knitted in a worsted, but you can make slightly thinner yarn work, too.  Madelinetosh DK would be stunning, and I’ve also seen it knitted with a few different Habu yarns held together, and it looks incredible.

If none of these strike your fancy, we also have a custom sweater workshop coming up in the future! Keep your eyes peeled!

You could also work on a blanket, too, if you want. Blankets are always good.

Knit Collage Chevron Yarn Blanket

This is something I whipped up out of a few different kinds of Knit Collage yarn, done in a Chevron stitch. This is probably some of the most fun yarn you could ever hope to work with. Oh, and it’s knitted on size 50 needles! You could have, like, twelve of these finished by the time you actually need them!

I hope this post inspired you a bit. If you can’t bear to think about winter in any capacity, I totally understand. I’m just saying, being ahead of the game might not be a bad idea, is all.
Happy Knitting!