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Thanks for visiting the website of our yarn store near Hatboro. We serve the knitting and crocheting communities with some of the finest notions and accessories available. Our retail store is packed with all sorts of luxury yarnsknitting needles and notions, and much more.

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We also sell our yarn and knitting and crocheting supplies right here on our website, where you'll find everything from Habu Silk Wrapped Paper to Alchemy yarn, and from Be Sweet yarn to Shibui yarn.

Fine, Luxury Yarns - Hatboro

Although we love working with the finest, most luxurious yarns available, we're proud of the fact that Knitting to Know Ewe can accommodate the unique needs of most any Hatboro knitter. That's why we carry such a wide range of yarns. We offer high-quality knitting and crocheting yarns from the following top brands:


Notions, Patterns & Accessories for Hatboro Knitters

We provide our customers with a large selection of weaving and spinning products from popular brands like Cricket and Schacht Spindle.

We provide our customers with high-quality quality knitting needles, including a variety of needles from Addi Lace and Latern Moon.  

We also carry a range of in-demand knitting patterns from brands like Stolen Stiches and Julie Hoover

Weaving and Spinning Products - Hatboro

We carry a large selection of weaving and spinning products, including the Collapsible Lazy Kate, which can be dissassembled without any tools, making it ideal for travel.



Hatboro, PA

Small town charm with a bit of history is what you’ll find in Hatboro. A little over 15 miles north Philadelphia, Hatboro is the perfect place to visit when you need a break from city life. This community-oriented town is very proud of its astoundingly low crime rate. Historic buildings here have been preserved, and a monument has been erected as a memorial for a Revolutionary War battle that occured here. While you’re in Hatboro, be sure to catch a show in the community theater, The Village Players. This theater has been putting on shows for 60 years.