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Knitting Yarn & Knitting Accessories — Horsham 

We're a yarn store near Horsham PA that serves and supports the local knitting and crocheting communities with a varied supply of yarns, knitting notions, accessories and more.  

Our brick-and-mortar store near Horsham lives inside a historic 1830s building that once served as the town hall of Penns Park PA. We carry luxury yarns, weaving and spinning productspatterns and more.

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You can always shop right here on our website, where we offer Habu Silk Wrapped PaperAlchemy yarnBlue Sky yarnBe Sweet yarnShibui yarn and more.

Fine, Luxury Yarns and Crocheting Supplies — Horsham 

Although we love working with the finest, most luxurious yarns available, we're proud of the fact that we can accommodate the unique needs of most any Horsham knitter. That's why we carry such a wide range of yarns. We offer high-quality knitting and crocheting yarns from the following top brands:


Knitting Notions, Patterns & Accessories — Horsham

At our knitting yarn and crocheting store, we provide our customers with a large selection of weaving and spinning products from popular brands like Cricket and Schacht Spindle.

We provide our customers with quality, durable knitting needles, including the Addi Lace Interchangable Set, which provides 8 different sizes of Addi Lace tips.  

We also carry a very wide range of in-demand knitting patterns from brands like Stolen Stiches and Julie Hoover

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Horsham, PA

Horsham is a wonderful place to live, and a great place to work. Among the town's many benefits is its solid commercial office base, with over 600 companies in five high-end office parks. This provides the Montgomery County town with 26,000 full-time jobs. With train and bus stops in Horsham, it's easy to get to and from Philadelphia. The park system here is the largest municipally-owned system in Montgomery County — there are over 815 acres of land, six community parks, and a township-wide trail system.