Welcome to The Teacher’s Academy!

Who are we and what do we do for teachers?

We are a company created by teachers, for teachers. Teachers nationwide now have an easy and affordable way to renew or maintain their teaching certificates and licenses.  We understand the busy schedules of teachers are across the nation and how expensive and time consuming it is to maintain a certificate can be, so it is with great excitement we open our doors to all U.S. teachers!

We started in Pennsylvania, catering strictly to PA teachers (you may know us as ACT 48 Academy in PA). When we started receiving requests from our teacher friends in New Jersey, New York, Ohio and Maryland, we had to consider expanding our services to the rest of the nation! However, requirements in PA are different than requirements in other states, so with a little research and some guidance from fellow teachers, we came up with a plan to help any teacher renew their certificates, maintain their licenses and connect with their own states’ renewal procedures.

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