50 Websites that Work for Teachers

Are you completely overwhelmed by the sheer volumes of websites that claim to enhance learning, solve classroom management issues or even make teaching easier? Well, we’ve done some research, sifted through plenty of sites and of course asked a bunch of teachers for their opinions, to bring you an organized PDF with a list of the top 50 websites that will be most useful to you! These sites have been organized by category, not preference! Please note that these websites come from teacher suggestions, surveys and our own research. They are not a result of solicitors or promotion of any kind. As educators, we at The Teacher’s Academy act in service of teachers!

Teachers on budgets, we don’t want you to pay a penny more for something that won’t add value to your classroom, but understand that sometimes a great value is worth the cost. Check out the summaries, visit the site, try a free trial, and in some cases get started for free on these sites. We sifted through hundreds of sites- many free ones and found the best bang for your buck. Enjoy!


Keeping up with the Common Core Standards

My school district has just adopted the Common Core Standards, does this mean I have to change my entire curriculum? What can I do differently to help my students achieve a higher level of success and still meet the Common Core standards?

The Common Core Standards have been created for the purpose of streamlining education across the nation.  It is not mandatory for any state to adopt but as of 2013, 45 states have chosen to adopt the standards with implementation scheduled for the 2014-2015 school year.  If your school district has adopted the Common Core Standards, it is because your state representatives made the decision.

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