The Teacher’s Academy expands to New York

The Teacher’s Academy is proud to help our teacher friends maintain their professional licenses in the great state of New York!  After a great start in Pennsylvania, we have expanded our services to allow New York teachers the same convenience and affordability as the rest of the nation.  Now, if you are living and teaching anywhere in New York, maintaining your 175 hours of continuing education every five years, can be completed from the convenience of your own home.   Read on to find out how teachers in towns like, Brewster, Cross River, and Somers, NY have already taken advantage of quickly obtaining the necessary hours.

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Improving Philadelphia Music and Arts Programs

“Good works is giving to the poor and the helpless, but divine works is showing them their worth to the One who matters.”

Criss Jami, Author of Venus in Arms

Philadelphia, PA holds a very special place in my heart.  After all, I grew up in the north east and I have vivid memories of my old stomping grounds around Rhawn Street! But not only those of us with a personal connection to the city can feel its pull…Others are enticed by the culture, from cheesesteaks to the Art Museum and of course, its rich history. I mean, it is the birthplace of this incredible country, and that alone is worth a second look! If you are ever lucky enough to visit the historical section of the city you will be able to venture down the same cobble stone streets as Thomas Jefferson walked or visit Independence Hall where much of the American government was defined.  Philadelphia is home to our Liberty Bell and The Constitution Center as well as The Franklin Institute, The Art Museum and The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia – one of the top rated children’s hospitals in the country!  As far as post secondary education is concerned, Philadelphia is home to University of Pennsylvania, Villanova, LaSalle, Drexel, The University of the Arts, The University of the Sciences, and of course Temple to name a few.

The Walnut Street Theater and the Academy of Music have hosted some of world’s best performers, like Samuel L. Jackson and Robert Redford. And many of today’s profound performers like Bill Cosby, Will Smith and Sly Stallone grew up in Philly. Philadelphia is a cultural hub for brilliant scientists, doctors, activists, actors, artists and musicians. There is no question; Philadelphia has made an international name for itself as being a major player along with New York, London and Paris as a progressive force in the arts and music culture.

Yet, for some reason the majority of their public and charter schools are suffering.  Due to budgetary cuts, the arts and music programs in schools were the first to go. The consensus is that if you live in Philadelphia, you must send your child to a private school because of the lack of structure and opportunities in the public schools is astounding.  The stripped-down curriculum has restricted the potential for amazing teachers and principals to implement a quality education for young learners. Continue Reading Improving Philadelphia Music and Arts Programs

The Common Core in PA

Are you confused about the implementation of the Common Core standards in PA?  You are not alone!  In 2010, PA adopted the National Common Core standards.  After analyzing the national standards, a group of educators crafted the PA Common Core State Standards.  The PA Common Core standards are closely aligned with the National Common Core (about 85%), with a few adjustments made to better fit the needs of Pennsylvania students.   Since the PA Common Core has been implemented, there has been some confusion about the accuracy of age-appropriate goals to be mastered, teaching methods being restricted and student data privacy issues.  In order to address the concerns we may have as parents and teachers, we must separate the facts from any political agenda.   Trying to get factual information about the specifics of Common Core is difficult due to the political interference.  And it does not matter what state you are in, proponents and opponents of Common Core will vehemently defend their position, stating facts that completely contradict each other.

In an attempt to stay neutral, a list of concerns and responses will be provided for clarification on the top concerns about Common Core.  The resources for both sides of the argument will also be provided so you can make an informed decision about your position on the PA Common Core standards or the National Common Core standards.

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Welcome to The Teacher’s Academy Oregon Teachers!

Professional development does not have to be expensive, inconvenient or irrelevant.  According to the Teacher Standards and Practice Commission of Oregon, teachers must complete 75 PDUs every 3 years or 125 PDUs every 5 years (after 2015) and “Teachers do not have to complete college coursework to earn PDU credit.”  The Teacher’s Academy is the best solution for professional development for Oregon teachers. We are a company created by teachers for teachers so we understand how difficult it can be to find time to maintain or renew our professional licenses.  We have created a simple, quick and effective way for teachers across the nation to maintain their professional licenses, without spending a fortune or wasting time outside of the classroom. We are pleased to offer our services to the amazing teachers of Oregon!

The average cost of our courses is $79 for 15 “seat” hours or 15 Professional Development Units (PDUs).  There are no tuition fees, no extra fees for materials and certainly no administrative fees.  No colleges can compete with our prices because of the cost of the overhead.  (A brick and mortar place of education, books and college professors’ salaries drive the costs through the roof.)  When you purchase a course through our website, you immediately receive the course text and all necessary materials in your inbox.  The courses available through The Teacher’s Academy range from 3 PDUs for $24.99 to 18 PDUs for $89.99.

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