What Happened to my ClipArt? How a Corporate Solution became a Teacher’s Problem

One of our teachers recently reached out to me and told me about an incident he had in his computer lab. Unless you have time to read Microsoft’s press releases, you might be unaware that the Office software on your computer has been updated from the old ClipArt search to a Bing search. I was appalled by his story and immediately went online to research the issue. At The Teacher’s Academy, we are constantly looking for opportunities to help educate teachers and work to keep the computer lab experience safe and educational.  It is our goal to educate teachers on the changes happening “out there” that affect your class. This is a big one and we feel obligated to tell his story.

 So, ClipArt uses Bing to do its Search…What’s the Worst that could Happen?

As a culminating project on my five senses unit, I took my first graders down to the computer lab where we were going to add ClipArt to a pre-formatted template that I created in Word. I’ve done this several times in the past and the students love searching for pictures, changing the format, adding effects and of course changing the colors. After a few minutes of getting the students logged in and the templates pulled up, we were ready to go. Here’s how it went:

Teacher: “Okay, class… What might be a good search-word to find a picture about the sense of smell?”
Class: “Nose!”
Teacher: “Yes! I agree. Go ahead and type that in the ClipArt search bar: N-O-S-E. Now press Enter.”
Class: “AHHHHHHH!!” (Shocked faces followed by laughter and quiet secrets to friends ensued.)

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Project-Based Learning Fun!!

Creating a School Garden Course

Anchor Run Farm, Bucks County Pennsylvania

Start with a Garden!

Hey Teachers!  Spring is around the corner!   It may not seem like our country is getting ready for a thaw (especially since it is still snowing as I write this blog).  But March really is only two-weeks away.  The perfect time to begin thinking about all of the yummy fruit and vegetables that will make their way from some amazing farms and gardens, to our tables.  Why not get your students thinking about the summer bounty too?   Act 48 Academy of PA and The Teachers Academy have created a few exciting new project-based learning courses.  Creating a School Garden will inspire teachers with links to beautiful gardens around the world and ideas on starting a garden regardless of budget or location!

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