Hearts, Snowflakes, and Heroes: Five Hands-On February Activities For Your Classroom

Are you looking for crafts that will inspire the unique learners in your classroom? Our team at The Teacher’s Academy believes that students benefit when teachers get creative. That’s why we offer Act 48 online courses in PA that teach you how to bring STEAM principles to your school.

Here are some great hands-on learning activities to promote creativity among your students–perfect for the month of February!

Valentines Day Beaded Hearts

Your students will practice literacy, math, and fine motor skills by making beaded name hearts for Valentines Day. For this activity, students string beads onto pipe cleaners to create their names and colored patterns. Once the beads are on, you simply form a V, gently curve the pipe cleaner’s sides, and twist the ends together to make a heart.

Black History Month Collaboration Poster

A great way to celebrate Black History Month is for your students to work together while creating colorful posters of heroes like Rosa Parks or Martin Luther King, Jr. Each student receives one section of the mosaic to color in and cut out. These pieces are then assembled into a vibrant poster. Older students can also enjoy a more difficult version, where they create their section based on a reference.

Snowflake Tinker Tray

This activity begins with a brief science lesson on snowflakes and the creation of a sample snowflake. You provide students with construction paper to build on and a variety of materials in a muffin tin or small bowls. Then, you let their creativity flow.

100th Day of School Station Activities

Perfect for younger students to build their number fluency, to celebrate their 100th day of school, students get to move between several differentiated learning stations. Activities include counting, estimating, building, and art projects. Here are a few suggestions for your classroom:

  • Sight word readers
  • Building with legos
  • Tallying how many licks it takes to reach the center of a lollipop
  • Beading necklaces
  • Stacking dixie cups
  • Making number lines

Winter Games Ski-Jumping STEM Activity

Just in time for the Olympics, students will learn about Ski Jumping and compete in their own Winter STEM Games with this clever activity. They will develop critical thinking and engineering skills as they build a ski jumper with only bendy straws, pipe cleaners, construction paper, and washers. Then, let the games begin!

Looking for More Ideas?

Do you want to bring more creativity into your classroom? The Teacher’s Academy provides online courses that will help you enhance your daily lesson plan while you earn Act 48 hours online in Philadelphia or elsewhere across the state. Find out more by contacting us online or giving us a call at 215-660-4926.