Prepare for the New School Year with Google Drive Training

Technology is advancing at a pace so fast, it’s difficult to keep up. What was efficient 5 years ago, or even 5 months ago, may be entirely antiquated when newer, faster technologies are introduced. Even technological behemoths like Microsoft Office®️ are subject to the changing tides, and Google Drive is proving to be a major player in Microsoft’s dethroning.

Google Drive – The Next Revolution in Productivity Software

Google’s work-productivity, cloud-based storage platform, dubbed Google Drive, is finding a new home in Pennsylvania’s schools and businesses. With three core programs — Google Docs (compare to Microsoft Word®️), Google Sheets (compare to Microsoft Excel®️), and Google Slides (compare to Microsoft Powerpoint®️) — teachers will find that Google Drive functions very similarly to the Microsoft Office suite of programs, except for two major differences:

  1. Google Drive is completely free, whereas Microsoft Office 365 is a paid subscription-based program.
  2. Google Drive is cloud-based, so all of the information is saved in real-time on Google’s servers, and is immediately sharable to all those who are granted access. Microsoft Office defaults to saving on your computer’s hard drive.

What does this mean for teachers, educators, and school boards who are considering a change in their school’s productivity software? Besides major cost reductions to their bottom line, educators will find themselves working with the easiest and most efficient file sharing platform ever created. For these reasons, The Teacher’s Academy is excited to offer Act 48 certified courses in all three of the major Google Drive applications to help educators make the transition to the cloud.

Google Drive for Educators

The only prerequisites for these trainings are an internet connected device with one of the major internet browsers installed (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge) and basic computer skills. Here’s an overview of each of the courses:


  • Google Docs for Educators
    • 15 credit hours. Professional learning objectives include designing tests, parent letters, certificates, written assessments, and evaluations.



  • Google Sheets for Educators
    • 15 credit hours. Professional learning objectives include creating a personal budget, grade sheet, address, mail merge (labels), and assessment.



  • Google Slides for Educators
    • 15 credit hours. Professional learning objectives include research using multimedia in the classroom/Google Slide Assessment (1A-D), a linear presentation (lecture notes), menu driven presentation (book report), and interactive presentation (review game).


Comprehensive Course Offerings at The Teacher’s Academy

The Teacher’s Academy offers certified Act 48 courses for PA educators wishing to continue their professional development. See all the ways we can help you reach your teaching potential by exploring our course portal. For those local teachers seeking Act 48 hours online in Philadelphia, The Teacher’s Academy’s robust course offerings satisfy many of the state’s professional development requirements for teachers continuing their education.

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