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Does anyone have the time?

Time is a tricky thing.  Sixty seconds in a minute.  Sixty minutes in an hour.  Simple tools to measure time.  So, why do some minutes seem so long, and others fly by in the blink of an eye?  Obviously, it is one’s perception of the time that makes it vary so.  Two people within the same hour can have completely different perceptions of the same sixty minutes.  We thought we would explore this phenomenon a bit further.  Don’t worry.  We won’t get all sciencey.  We just want to look closer at a very odd thing.  Let’s compare same time experiences:

Stuff that feels like an eternity:

1.  Any dental work

There you are in that chaise lounge chair that is supposed to relax you. The soothing music is playing.  You stare up at the light that seems to burn directly through your corneas and into your soul.  As you examine the various sharp objects laid out on the tray, you understand that these tools will soon be used on you.  You break out in a cold sweat.  Time seems to stand still.  A paper bib is pinned around your neck.  You feel like it has been at least a half hour that you have been in the chair, and nothing has even happened yet.  In actuality, it has been less than five minutes.  The next hour is going to feel like a week.  Your life at this moment sucks a great deal.

2. Waiting for pasta water to boil when you are starving

You have been staring at the pot of water for what seems like three days.  How can this be?  There aren’t any bubbles in the water yet.  You need the bubbles to make the water work.  Your mind has lost all coherency.  You know this much.  No bubbles, no pasta.  That’s what you know.  This is impossible.  How can it not be hot yet?  Maybe if you walk away and not look at the pot, it will start bubbling.  Go to the window.  Look out and see the birds and the clouds and the trees.  Okay. That’s enough.  There have to be bubbles by now.  You go back to the stove to take a peek.  No bubbles yet.  You lie down on the floor in front of the stove.  No more peeking.  The bubbles know you are checking up on them.  So they won’t come out.  But you will outsmart the bubbles.  You will lie on the floor and hide so they can’t see you.  That’s right.  They aren’t as smart as they think.  Hah.  Stupid, slow bubbles.  Your life at this moment sucks a great deal.

3. The post office

Before you enter the post office, everything seems normal.  You have been running errands, and it all seems fine.  But, after the door opens and you enter, everything feels like you are suddenly under water.  Or maybe wading through an enormous vat of Jello.  Everyone is moving in slow motion.  You have entered a time warp.  Another dimension where nothing moves at a normal speed.  You are in a line that is so long, it snakes around and almost goes outside.  The person in the front of the line takes an unnatural amount of time to simply place his box on the counter.  Then there is an exchange of information about said package that lasts long enough that you could have gone home and made a pot of pasta. (See #2 above)  Again, time feels like it is standing still.  You have waited for one tedious transaction to end and another to begin for an eternity.  You are three people away from it being your turn.  Up next is a sweet, little old lady.  She wants to pick out the stamps she wishes to purchase from the pile of stamps offered. There are literally books of them.  The postal worker has no problem with this. He has all the time in the world.  And he moves like a sloth.  The two of them look at each stamp, commenting on them.  She might go for the bird collection.  Not sure though.  He likes the Elvis ones.  You know that, after she makes her final choice, she is absolutely going to pay for these stamps with pennies.  Your life at this moment sucks a great deal.

We are just going to list the things that go by quickly. That is the whole point of this study.  Fleeting, joyful moments.  Same sixty seconds, but a world of difference.  Here we go:

  1. Any great vacation
  2. Any great meal
  3. Any Disney ride
  4. Any massage
  5. Any day off
  6. Any minutes before snooze alarm goes off
  7. Any time left after your car finally warms up and you have to get out again.
  8. Any time between colonoscopies (didn’t say they were all going to be good)
  9. Any year before your first wrinkle

We could go on here.  But you get the picture.  The bottom line is that minutes are not created equally.  So what have we learned?  We think the best take away is to collect as many of the good ones as you can.  If you end up with more good ones than bad in your life, you win.

(You know who knows this already?  That awesome guy, Thor.  He is smiling here because the majority of his time is composed of excellent moments.  That’s how awesome he is.)


Awesome Thor, thinking about his excellent moments

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We will leave you with one final time measurement:

Time it takes to eat a slice of cheesecake: Under five minutes

Time it takes to lose the calories from one slice of cheesecake: Infinity

If life was fair, these would be the same.

See you soon!
Diane and Christin