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Like What?


Like What?

There is this elephant in the room kind of thing that Americans do that we felt we needed to address. It is a grammatical anomaly, to be precise. It is, of course, the use of the word “like.”  “Like” has crept into conversations at such a magnitude, that people don’t even hear it anymore. It is generously peppered throughout a conversation and has become somewhat of a background noise. Unless you are conscious of it….then it is downright frightening.
We should mention that the use of the word “like” is not prevalent in senior conversation.  It is used mainly by the millennials and younger but has begun to creep into conversations of people slightly older than the millennials.  Here is a typical conversation.  And, no, we are not kidding:
“Are you coming over tonight?  Or is it like too late after work, and you would be too tired and you just would want to like lie down and fall asleep?”
“I could probably come over for like a couple hours.  I just don’t want to be like completely out of it tomorrow at work.  You know my boss.  He is like on my case all the time.  I don’t want him to like catch me if I am a zombie tomorrow.”
You think we are exaggerating? Nuh uh. Next time you are in earshot of a conversation with anyone 40 or younger, pay attention to how many times they say “like.”  When you are actually listening for it, you will be blown away. It is almost impossible to hear a complete sentence without a “like” or two in it.  Who started this thing?  If you listen to people from other countries, they don’t use this word this way. Some goofball started doing it here, and it really caught on. The deal is that we sound dumb because we use this word so much.(Like really dumb.)
Here is a phrase that is a close second to “like.”  It is, of course, the phrase, “you know.”  We use this phrase almost as much as “like.”  And, wait for it, we pair them together all the time. Here is an example of this winning combo:
“So you know, like when you say you, you know, like are attracted to me, does that mean that you, you know, like want to go out?” (No, we are not, you know, like kidding here either).
Here is a weird thing though. We don’t think people use these words when they are texting. It is just when they are speaking. We are not certain of this, however.  Maybe there is a “like” or a “you know,” or even an occasional “like, you know” in there.  More research needs to be done. And we just did it. There is a text phrase LDO, which means “like, duh obviously.” But nobody appears to be throwing the word “like” in a lot when they are texting. We couldn’t find anything for “you know”. It is all really weird, though, don’t you think?
We are trying to think of phrases or words in the past that were used in this way, but we are coming up short here. It seems unexplainable. Like a shooting star. Or how a thermos works.
Here is what we thought up to do about this issue.  After all, we want to discourage people from sounding less intelligent than they are in situations such as job interviews, college interviews, public speaking, etc. How about a t-shirt that says:  STOP SAYING “LIKE, YOU KNOW– YOU KNOW, LIKE ALL THE TIME.”  Well, it’s a start, right?
Make no mistake. We have no issues with the word “like” or the words “you” or “know” on their own. They are great words. But, you know, like saying them you know like this is really saying like nothing at all. You know? (Sigh.)
You know who never uses the word “like” or the term “you know” improperly? That awesome guy, Thor. Besides always looking pulled together and fabulous, he also has perfect grammar. He is like no other. See? This is the proper use of the word like.  We know this and so does Thor.  He is that awesome.
unnamed (1)

Awesome Thor always looking pulled together (in his new outfit for The Avengers) with perfect grammar and who never uses “like” or “you know” incorrectly. 

Anywho, we thought we would bring this thing to you and let you do what you wish with it.  After all, we are all awesome, creative people. And we all know that something that is done can also be undone. (Except for murder. That is pretty much a done deal right there.)Speaking of creative people…let’s talk knitting. We just got in an amazing shipment of Franca yarn from Manos de Uruguay.  If you haven’t worked with it, it is an exceptionally soft, hand dyed, chunky yarn. 100% Merino. It is simply like working with perfection. See? This is the correct use of the word like.

Our first Mitten Event is sold out. We will set up another one for next month. Mittens are like gloves without fingers. See? This is another correct use of the word like. But you know that already. See? This is the correct use of the term “you know.”  We are just messing with you. We will stop now.

Our shelves are loaded with new yarn, knitting bags, notions, and generally magnificent things. Please come in and check out all the beautiful stuff waiting for you.  And, don’t forget. Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Give a gift card from our store to your valentine, or come in and buy something for yourself. There are no Valentine rules in our store.

Our store will be closed from Sunday, February 17th after 3:00 pm, and will reopen Friday, February 22nd, at 11:00 am.
And, in these wintry, cold days, just know that we are ready to assist you in making nice, cozy, warm sweaters, scarves, mittens, gloves, and hats that are not only functional but will look awesome as well.
When you are all bundled up, it will feel like the warm weather you know that occurs in the summer months of the year. See? Yet more examples of “like” and “you know” used properly. Couldn’t resist. We really are stopping now.
See you soon!
Diane and Christin
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Happy Valentine’s Day!
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