Knitted Holiday Gifts You’ll Actually Finish in Time

knitted holiday gifts

Let’s be real here. You may have grand plans for all your holiday gifts: sweaters, blankets, etc. You might finish one of those things sometime in February, if you’re very disciplined.

Instead of living with the all-too-familiar shame of owing people knitted gifts long past the holiday season, why not make everyone on your list a more manageable project you can make many, many of?

Take these Audrey mitts, for example (upper-left). They use only one skein of Jade Sapphire 8-ply cashmere. They take about an afternoon to whip up. You have plenty of time to make a whole bunch of them.

You can even make them without the bow to make them a bit more unisex, and make them for everyone on your list. This pattern doesn’t even require a thumbhole gusset! We also offer a matching hat you could make to go along with it, if you want to be super fancy.

knitted holiday gifts

Want an even quicker project? We’ve been making a lot of the Super Soft Merino Hand Warmers (at right) from the Purl Bee’s blog out of one skein of Madeline Tosh’s Home yarn, which is just ridiculously lovely.

We’ve also got lots of other patterns and ideas for small projects or chunky projects that you can knock out in large quantities over the next month, so come on in!

—Diane & Christin