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The Bucket List

Lose Some Wait

Ever hear how people talk about their bucket list?  If you are unfamiliar with this term, it is from a movie that talks about all the things that one wants to do before they die.  When speaking of an item on their list, people say things like, “I really want to do this.  It is on my bucket list.  Someday….”  We were wondering.  Do these people believe that their live span is greater than the average human on this planet?  Do they believe they have an unlimited amount of time to do these things?  Things like skydiving, mountain climbing, or walking the entire Disney park?  (Don’t kid yourself.  That last one is probably harder than the other two we mentioned.)  Besides the physical exertion required for a lot of items on these lists, what about mental faculties required to do some items?  Learning a new language, writing, studying the stars, etc.  And manual dexterity if one wanted to, let’s say, learn to juggle, or tap dance, or learn to walk a tight rope?  Let’s face it.  Even if you are unusually energetic, and in great physical health in your senior years, there is going to be a cut off point where you will be unable to attempt these activities without injuring yourself or others.  So we are unclear as to why people wait so long to check off the items on their bucket list.  Sure, if the one and only item on your list is to sit in a comfortable chair and ponder life for a few years, you are pretty well set.  After all, being close to comatose does not require a lot of physical strength or dexterity.  But the rest of the stuff has a shelf life.

It is the idea in the movie that this is a “some day” activity that one places attention to in the twilight years of their life.  But we disagree.  This is a movie, people.  Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman are actors that, when they got tired, the director yelled “cut!”, and they got to rest.  Maybe even napped.  And the movie was funny because they were doing things in their old age.  It was a comedy.  Two old guys do wacky things they always wanted to do that were dangerous, and possibly insane to attempt at their ages. Wow, that is funny.  But this would probably not be that funny for everyone else.  Let’s remember that they were never in any real danger because they had stunt people and they took a lot of naps during the filming. Most of us don’t have stunt people.  We just have the nap option. And having a stunt person do the actual thing really defeats the whole experience.  So they didn’t actually have the experience either.  Maybe we should interview the stunt people from the movie.  But they were probably not that old.  They were just dressed up to look old.  So, in fact, no one who was old did anything off the bucket list.  Gee, this is kind of sad.  We are feeling a little violated at this moment.  The whole movie was a farce.  Nobody should base their bucket list on this movie.   

(You know who never puts off any item on his bucket list?  That awesome guy, Thor.  Thor doesn’t actually have a bucket list because he just does everything he wants to do immediately.  He is that awesome.)

Awesome Thor, who never puts off anything on his bucket list because he just does everything he wants to do immediately.

Why not make the items on your bucket list a priority right now?  Obviously, these are the things you really want to do.  Maybe you want to go on a safari.  Or reread all the classics.  Or knit the ultimate sweater from yarn you have been drooling over.  We like this last idea a lot. 
Speaking of drool worthy yarn, some new things have arrived or are just about to arrive.  We just got in the newest Shibui yarn for spring.  It is called Vine, and it is 41% paper, 31% cotton, and 28% silk.  Really nice.  Here is what it looks like:

Also, a big shipment of Madeline Tosh will be arriving in the next few weeks.  Please check on our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to see when it arrives.  We will definitely be posting a picture.

In the meantime, we still have great Franca yarn from Manos Del Uruguay, fabulous pure cashmere from Anzula (bucket list worthy), and tons of other great things to come and check out.  Cocoknits has some new notions, needle sets from Knitter’s Pride, and more!

So, come and visit us.  We are honored if we made your bucket list.  And, if we haven’t, that’s okay.  (Maybe we will get added later. Maybe we should remind you before you get so old you will forget to add us.  Yeah, that is a good idea. We will set a reminder to remind you.  After all, you aren’t the only one getting older.  We could forget too.  We’ll set it right now.)

By the way, below are all the stunt people who worked in the Bucket List movie. We don’t remember if there was a dog in this movie.  Anyway, if there was one, he probably had a stunt dog too. Nobody who wasn’t young did anything in this movie except sit and talk. (Possibly barked.  We don’t know about this last thing.):

Dean Bailey…stunt playerJophery C. Brown…stunt player (as Jophery Brown)Robert A. Caster…stunt player (as Bob Caster)Melanie Conatser Peschio…stunt player (as Pat Conatser)Alex Daniels…stunt coordinatorTanner Gill…stunt double: Jack NicholsonSteve Kelso…stunt playerHubie Kerns Jr….stunt playerDavid Major…stunt playerCraig O’Brien…stunt playerPeewee Piemonte…stuntsAustin Priester…stunt playerRick Seaman…stunt playerTodd Shoebotham…stunt playerBuddy Sosthand…stunt playerJim Wallace…stunt playerHarry Wowchuk…stunt playerRoss A. Jordan…stunt driver (uncredited)  Seriously.

See you soon!

Diane and Christin
Taken right before they both took a nap.