Pot Luck Anyone?


It is the holiday season again!  The time of year when many plans are made for the joy of entertaining loved ones.  We have observed that, when it comes to entertainers, there are many different types.  Some avant garde, some preferring to create a quiet and relaxing experience for their guests, and some committed to dazzling guests with their culinary expertise.  We have chosen to focus on only one type of entertainer:

Let’s call her Martha (no subtlety here).  Martha has been planning her holiday meal for several months. Her goal is to create the most impressive meal that her friends and family have yet to experience,  creating a memory that they will regard with great reverence (she is also hell bent on outdoing her sister-in-law, who has hosted this dinner for four years in a row). She has set her perfectly ironed linen tablecloth, with matching napkins on the table, taking great care to measure the exact allowance for plate and silverware.  Her dishes, glasses, and silver, coordinate in every detail.  She has painstakingly created the ideal centerpiece, and has created the ultimate holiday playlist.  Martha’s sister-in-law has replicated a meal from different historical times, which has now become the tradition for all holiday meals going forward.  Martha is determined to replicate a meal from the 1700’s with complete authenticity.  Her menu, after long hours of research is the following:
  • Oyster Cocktail
  • Wafers
  • Clear Soup, with Custard
  • Celery 
  • Salted Nuts 
  • Roast Goose with Dressing 
  • Applesauce 
  • Glaced Sweet Potatoes
  • Mashed Potatoes 
  • Baked Squash 
  • Brussels Sprouts with Chestnuts
  • Cranberry Ring with Grapefruit and Malaga Grape Salad 
  •  Plum Pudding Trimmed with Holly 
  • Apple Custard Pie

There is one catch, however, not all family members are aware of this new tradition. Many are attending this meal after missing the last few years of holiday reunions.  They are traveling from great distances, and are very excited to reunite with the family.

So, of course, the one thing that would be the epitome of horror to Martha would be a pot luck contribution to her meal.  Unfortunately, a good many of Martha’s guests are quite accustomed to this age old tradition.  And Martha would never consider hurting or insulting her guests by refusing their culinary contributions. So, each time the doorbell rings, ushering another covered container of God knows what, Martha’s malaise escalates a bit more.  
Her Aunt Harriet enters the foyer with a large bowl of macaroni and cheese, winks at Martha, and says this is her age old family recipe, and it needs to go in the oven (currently filled with courses on different timers) in about twenty minutes.  Did she just hear someone exclaim something about Chile Con Carne?  What does that ever go with? Are they insane?  Are those things hot dogs that just went by?  And, no, this can’t be happening, here comes her great Aunt Emily with a green, wobbly thing with bits in it.  A jello mold?  It continues to move on it’s own speed, until carefully placed down on Martha’s perfectly organized kitchen countertop.  Martha’s six year old nephew is transfixed on this gelatinous confection.  He quietly takes a spoon to sample it, as it jiggles an alluring dance that no six year old child could resist.  After a sample, he makes a face of revulsion, saying that he can’t figure out what the bits are made of, and that at the bottom it crunches with what seems very much like cat litter.  Suddenly, Martha has a great desire to lie down on the floor of her kitchen, and just not get up until tomorrow morning.

Do you know who always has a successful holiday party?  That awesome guy, Thor.  This year he has already won a contest for best menu against his brother, Loki.  Here is Thor and his brother, Loki, wearing the costume he has chosen to wear all holiday because he lost.  Thor’s meals always win.  He is that awesome.


Thor and LokiAwesome Thor and Loki, who lost menu contest.

Back to Martha, who, made of sterner stuff, decides not to give in to her second idea, which is to call Uber, tell the driver to come around the back of the house, pick her up, drive to a five star hotel, and, armed with her Aunt Harriet’s enormous bowl of macaroni and cheese, get a room, eat the entire bowl, drowning it with a couple of excellent cabernets, then passing out.  Instead she takes several calming, deep breaths, and says to herself, “I am going on.  I will complete my preparations, and table all of this until later…Wait, what did I say?  Table it?  That’s it!”  With lightening speed, Martha fetches the card table from the hall closet, places a delightfully scalloped tablecloth upon it (details always matter), and begins to place all pot luck offerings upon it.  She places her antique candle sticks behind the various dishes, and the table takes on a glowing, welcoming presence in the dining room.  All guests are seated and, much to her sister-in-law’s shagrin, the meal is a great success, and quite impressive to all.  The pot luck table was so appreciated, that it will most likely become part of the holiday traditions.

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So, we wish you the most enjoyable holiday season!  And, if you are the host or hostess this year, and you aren’t the Martha type, we just might feature your type next year.  And if you are the Martha type, keep a stiff upper lip, keep working towards perfection, and, under no circumstances, do you call Uber.  

See you soon!
Diane and Christin!
Come back!  Here’s a table!