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The Scarfoholic Series Continues: The Garter Sideways Scarf

For those of you who love knitting scarves as much as I do, I had to do a blog on one of my favorite scarves to knit. A knitter told me once that a scarf knitted in garter stitch, done sideways, lays better than any other scarf. (Thank you, Cassandra). So, I set about making this scarf to see if she was right. I like my scarves to be from 80” to 90” long, and about 9” to 10” wide. For the first scarf I tested, I used one of my favorite luxury yarns. Road to China Light, by Fibre Company is a gorgeous yarn to do just about anything with. I knew it would not only look beautiful done in garter stitch, but would feel luxurious as well. My gauge was right on at 5 stitches to the inch on a size 6 needle. So, I knew that if I wanted the scarf to be 90” long, I needed to cast on 450 stitches. I used Addi Lace Clicks, creating a cable of 60 inches to accommodate the stitches I needed to cast on. I would like to note here that, if you are like I am and fall in love with making sideways scarves, you might consider purchasing the Addi-Clicks. You can create unlimited combinations for projects using the different cables and needles. Since needles are not inexpensive, it is actually a practical investment purchasing the set of needles rather than one at a time in different gauges. If you wish to take a look at the sets of Addi Clicks offered, here is the link.

I used five colors of the Road to China Light. I needed one skein of each color for the scarf. Each skein made a stripe when completely used up. The colors I used were: Peridot, Riverstone, Citrine, Camelian, and Ruby. (All of the above materials can be found and purchased on this website. Here is the link.)For the last color, I only used half the skein to make the stripe thinner, so that it acted as an accent edge to make the scarf look more finished and added something interesting. Here is the result:

Knitting Yarn - Knitting to Know Ewe

I was very pleased with the scarf. It did, indeed, lay beautifully.

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