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Pick A Stitch Scarf

Knitted scarf - online knitting supplies

Chevron Rib Knit Scarf, Madeline Tosh DK – Winter Wheat

This may seem like an obvious project choice, but a lot of knitters don’t think about this. We get a lot of knitters in our store wanting to peruse the scarf patterns. They are trying to find a scarf project that appeals to them and meets their expectations for the look they want in their next scarf. I am not rejecting scarf patterns by any means. There are tons of amazing scarf patterns, and we certainly have a large amount in our store, but sometimes it is all about the stitch.

We primarily offer luxury yarns at our store, and we are fortunate that the majority of our customers are looking for luxury yarns and can find what they want with us. I would like to make a note here, and talk about luxury yarns for a moment. When we took our store over it was the end of the “novelty yarn” time. The original inventory was top to bottom novelty yarns. Not to discount novelty yarns, I think they had a time to shine (literally). As both seasoned and new knitters, we all partook of this novelty yarn time with zeal. I have been knitting since I was ten years old, and found this type of yarn challenging to knit. I witnessed a lot of people who never knitted before try their hand at a project because it looked easy and was so unusual. The yarns were expensive and, in my opinion, discouraged a lot of new knitters from ever attempting another project. This discouragement truly saddens me.

We reopened our store with the intention of making it what I would call a “sweater store”. We got rid of the novelty and began to fill our store with luxury fibers so that knitters would enjoy not only making sweaters with, but a multitude of other projects that could allow the yarn itself to do what it was meant to do. What I mean by this is that a lot of knitters focus on the pattern and not the yarn. They choose a generic yarn and think that it’s not that important to the project, but that the pattern is. However, beautiful yarn can make a spectacular project even when a simple pattern is used. One could equate this to cooking. You can have a complicated recipe, but if you are using lesser quality ingredients then your dish may not turn out as well as a simple recipe made with fresh and quality ingredients. This is basically our thinking at the store. We love simple and clean patterns that use spectacular yarns to “do the work”. Continue Reading Pick A Stitch Scarf